Procrasturbation - Self-Pleasuring as a Delay Tactic

Procrasturbation: Self-Pleasuring as a
Delay Tactic
Whether it’s a once-in-a-while thing or a part of his daily activities, selfpleasuring is something that almost all guys enjoy (whether they freely
admit it or not). It has survived centuries of badmouthing and sometimeshysterical denunciations for the simply reason that it feels good, produces
positive results, is good for male organ health, and, in most cases, is
harmless. Of course, like every activity, there can be times when its use can
turn to misuse, and then there can be a problem. Such is the case when selfpleasuring turns into procrasturbation.
It’s not in the official dictionary, but procrasturbation is more and more in
use in common language. Although originally the term was developed to
describe a pleasurable feeling that a person gets from putting off doing a task
or job that they really don’t want to do, it has evolved into the much more
specific idea of using self-pleasuring as a way to avoid doing that task or
The phrase comes about, of course, from combining self-pleasuring with
procrastination (the tendency to put off doing an unwanted task or job).
Everyone procrastinates, of course – it’s just for some people it’s a very rare
thing whereas for others it’s a habit.
Psychologically speaking, procrastination makes sense. As an article in
Psychology Today explains, “We are more likely to do things that we expect
to succeed at and we value” and “We typically discount future rewards in
favor of immediate rewards.” So when we view a task disfavorable –
thinking it’s something we might fail at – we have an inclination to avoid it.
And since we are more likely to grab at something that immediately rewards
us rather than that which rewards us in the future, this heightens our
willingness to procrastinate.
And it’s that sense of immediate reward that makes procrasturbation so
attractive. Not only does a guy get to put off working on that long, boring
report, but he gets to experience the intense pleasure of self-pleasuring as
well – seemingly a win-win situation.
Not always
And in fact, on occasion, procrasturbation can indeed by a win-win situation.
Stop working on a project that is giving a man grief and spending time selfstimulating his member can in some instances actually help in at least two
ways. (1) Sometimes taking a break and steeping back away from a touch
job can enable a person to return to it with a fresh eye and perspective, and
(2) the chemicals released during self-pleasuring can relax a man so that he
feels more refreshed when returning to the problem and also more focused.
However, often procrasturbation just adds to the problems created by regular
procrastination – avoiding facing an inevitable problem, usually thereby
reducing the amount of time left to work on the problem and creating a
greater sense of tension and anxiety because there is now less time to deal
with the situation.
If a person finds he engages in frequent procrasturbation, he may wish to
consult with a professional. Dealing with procrastination part of
procrastubation is usually the way to ease this situation and can lead to less
stressful ways of working.
Sometimes procrasturbation results in such intense self-pleasuring that a guy
may rub himself rather raw. Using a first rate male organ health
creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is
clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can come in handy in such cases.
Manhood skin that has been over-self-gratified may be rough and dry, and
there by needs significant moisturization. Select a crème that contains a
combination of moisturizing agents, such as vitamin E and natural shea
butter. In addition, rough handling can lead to de-sensitization of the
member. A crème with L-carnitine, which has neuroprotective properties
that help maintain male organ sensation, is called for in such cases.