Frequent Self-Pleasuring May Mean a Sore Male Organ

Frequent Self-Pleasuring May Mean a
Sore Male Organ
Self-pleasuring is a regular part of most adult men’s sensual lives and can be
a fine way to help maintain certain aspects of male organ health (in much the
same way that exercise helps maintain the body’s general health). The rate
of self-pleasuring can vary considerably from one man to the next – with one
man’s “normal” being an overload to another man and deprivation to a third.
For that matter, one man’s rate of self-pleasuring can also vary considerably,
from frequent one week to non-existent the next. However, 1 study found
that about 20 percent of men self-stimulate 4 times a week or more, which
might be defined as frequent. And with frequent self-pleasuring comes the
increased risk of a sore male organ. But can that be prevented?
Sore male organ prevention
The short answer is yes. Many men who self-gratify frequently do not have a
chronically sore male organ; indeed, some never have a sore male organ (at
least, not due to their self-pleasuring habits). And yet some men do complain
that when they self-gratify a lot, their manhood does get sore. So what are
they doing differently than the frequent self-stimulators whose equipment
remains pain-free?
In some cases they may be doing absolutely nothing different. After all,
every man is different, and what one man does while self-gratifying 3 times
a day without getting a sore male organ may make another man yelp in pain
after just a few “self-help” sessions.
However, there are a few tips and tricks a guy can use that may help reduce
the possibility of a sore male organ from self-pleasuring (frequent or
 Always lubricate. Probably the number one reason for a sore male
organ after self-pleasuring is due to too much friction being present.
Some friction is good and is necessary for the nerve endings in the
member to receive the stimulation they need that ultimately results in
seed release and pleasurable feelings. But too often men engage in
self-pleasuring with too much friction, usually due to not using a
lubricant. For those who are inexperienced with lubricants, there are a
multitude to choose from: petroleum jelly, cold cream, hand lotion,
body lotion, and so on, including products designed specifically for
sensual lubrication. Try out one and see how it works, and move on to
another if the selected lubricant does not do the trick.
 Don’t grip too tightly. It’s likely the second biggest cause of a sore
male organ from self-pleasuring is squeezing the member too tightly –
also known as the infamous “death grip.” Again, this creates a
situation where there simply is too much friction., rubbing the male
organ “raw.” Using a somewhat looser grip can make a big difference
in whether a sore male organ results.
 Change things up. People are creatures of habit, and that comes to
our self-pleasuring habits, too. Most men use the same hand always
when self-stimulating, and the same position, and the same degree of
pressure on the same spots. All of this can result in the manhood
getting sore from overuse. Changing things up – self-fondling with a
different hand and/or in a different position and while stroking
different parts of the member at different rates – can give a break to
the overworked parts of the member and prevent soreness.
When a man does get a sore male organ from self-pleasuring, application of
a first-rate male organ health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1
Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) on a regular
basis can help. This is especially true if the oil contains appropriately
soothing moisturizing agents, such as shea butter and vitamin E. And if the
oil also contains alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant, it can help prevent
further rawness caused by oxidative stress.