Is a Sore Male Organ Inevitable with a Self-Pleasuring Marathon

Is a Sore Male Organ Inevitable with a SelfPleasuring Marathon?
Many men (and some women) like to take advantage of the fact that May is
International Self-pleasuring Month to really “up their game” when it comes
to self-pleasuring – even if they may already be self-stimulating quite
frequently. Self-pleasuring is generally good for male organ health, although
like anything else, too much of a good thing can cause problems – such as a
sore male organ from overuse. And one way that some men, especially those
who are truly committed self-strokers, like to celebrate Self-pleasuring
Month is by engaging in a self-pleasuring marathon – which makes a sore
male organ much more likely.
Is it inevitable? Not necessarily, although depending on how long the
marathon lasts, chances are some soreness may occur. But if a guy who is
used to self-gratifying, say, two hours every day, instead chooses a marathon
in which he self-stimulates for eight hours, he’s perhaps less likely to get a
sore male organ than a guy who self-fondles once a week but engages in a
twelve-hour marathon.
For any self-pleasuring marathon enlistees – or “en-fist-ees” as some call
them – the following are some things to keep in mind.
Know the reason for entering. Some self-fondlers are marathon-ing solo –
meaning, it’s just themselves alone, while others are in a competition –
either with other people in the same room or with others self-gratifying
virtually online. If in a competition, a guy needs to know what his goal is.
Does he want to win the competition and self-stimulate longer than anyone
else, and that’s all there is to it? Or is he less interested in the competition
and more interested in a “personal self-pleasuring best?” The former is
much more likely to end up with a sore male organ, as he’s likely to
continue long past the point of actual pleasure and get into some pain.
Learn how to pace. Just as most marathon runners don’t burst out of the
gate at full speed and try to maintain that pace, so should a self-stimulator
not start out fast and furious. It’s a marathon; a guy has all the time in the
world, so he should take his time and enjoy himself, allowing himself to
stroke in different ways and at different speeds and with different grips. It’s
also important to figure out end goals: Does a guy want to release seed as
many times as he can? Or is he more interested in edging, prolonging the
seed release so that he self-fondles for a very long time before releasing his
Be prepared for a quick end. When guys are self-stimulating together –
especially guys who are not used to self-stimulating with other guys – they
may find themselves getting even more excited than usual. (This is natural,
men. Don’t worry about it.) Some guys are going to get so excited that they
may release their seed long before they intend to. If this is a competitive
self-pleasuring marathon, one where a guy releases and he’s out, he should
just grin and bear it. And hey, he may be out of the competition, but most
likely he can keep on self-stroking non-competitively on the sidelines.
A self-pleasuring marathon should hopefully allow a man to really get in
touch with his member and with his sensual core, even if a sore male organ
ends up being the consequence. Fortunately, a sore male organ due to being
rubbed raw can be alleviated through the application of a superior male
organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil,
which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). What’s needed after a
marathon session is a replenishment of the natural oils that have been
expended, and that requires a crème that contains both a high end emollient
(think shea butter) and a natural hydrator (of which vitamin E is a fine
example.) The constant rubbing and tugging and smacking may also cause
some de-sensitization in the manhood, so find a crème with L-carnitine. This
neuroprotective ingredient is excellent at maintaining proper male organ