How to Sensitize Your Male Organ - 5 Surefire Tips!

How to Sensitize Your Male Organ: 5 Surefire
A man often looks back on days when his member would get hard if a light
breeze came through the window of his History class. Thankful for the large
tome required for the class, he would run out the second the bell rang and
find somewhere private to take care of business. Sometimes up to five or six
times each day.
But not today. Today this same member couldn’t be coaxed up by Tony
Robbins himself making an inspiring plea. That sucker is desensitized, and it
seems like there’s no hope. But there is. While male organ dysfunction
(which is present when you can’t get or maintain a hard-on over 25 percent
of the time) may be at play, most men experience trouble with performing
during their lifetime. Many times, a man just needs to switch up one or two
things. Here’s the intel on how to sensitize your male organ.
#1: Kick the Hard Stuff
You can only learn how to sensitize your male organ after you kick a
substance or alcohol addiction. Using illegal substances is a no-no for
several reasons, but people often overlook the misuse of prescription meds.
Alcoholism also takes a major toll on the member. Marijuana, while legal in
some states, can definitely make a member ungratefully dead. Join a
program, see a doctor, or talk to a friend and start a path to recovery (and a
harder hard-on).
#2: Loosen Up, Part I
Self-pleasure is a healthy, enjoyable activity. It’s been proven to be great for
stress, self-esteem, and being a better lover. However, men who partake too
much or grip too tight can harm the member and destroy or damage the
peripheral nerves that the member uses to feel things. This can also make it
harder to release and enjoy intimacy.
#2: Loosen Up, Part II
It’s time to take a break from skinny jeans and tighty whities and give the
dingle some space to dangle. Too much compression can also lead to a
desensitized member. Air is also helpful because it brings circulation and
teases the nerves with time.
#3: Use a Good Creme
It’s not a time to pull out the Jergens. Invest in a real creme for all partner
and solo pleasure. A real creme doesn’t dry out or dull the skin and provides
the perfect environment for the slipping and sliding necessary for a
pleasurable and non-damaging experience.
#4: Practice Moderation
Like self-play, partner play that goes on too long or happens too much can
result in friction burn and again, damage those peripheral nerves in addition
to hardening the skin, making touch more difficult to feel. Over time this can
lead to more serious plaque buildup that can lead to member dysfunction or
Peyronie’s disease.
#5: Buy a Kamasutra
Sometimes the regular Monday Night Missionary just stops doing it, and it’s
hard to get excited about the same two minutes of foreplay, one minute of
latex protection application, four minutes of intimacy to completion, and
then turn on Jimmy Fallon. Change things up and try positions that look
otherworldly or actively connect with your partner. Dress provocatively, try
some role play, and overall, just switch things up to invite the excitement
back into lovemaking, and the member shall follow.
Another big way you can sensitize your male organ is by employing a
consistent grooming regimen. Trim the pubic hair so that it doesn’t silently
rob you of sensitivity simply by brushing up against the member all the time.
Wash with mild cleansers on the manhood skin and use soft washcloths and
warm water (not hot!). When done, take care to dry the skin with very soft
towels or completely via air drying.
Finally, after cleansing and rinsing the skin, use a specially formulated male
organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil,
which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to lock in
moisture that keeps skin soft and supple. Choose a crème with special
ingredients like L-carnitine, which protects against peripheral nerve damage.
It should also include vitamins A, B, C, and D, to protect and rejuvenate the