What’s With Male Organ Pain When Urinating

What’s With Male Organ Pain When
Except in cases where people are engaging in specific dominant-submissive
behavior, male organ pain is rarely on the list of things a guy is likely to
enjoy. The male organ pain itself can be unwanted, but even more annoying
can be worries over what can be causing the pain. Frequently, a guy may
experience pain specifically while urinating, and this especially can raise
concerns that there is a male organ health issue that needs to be investigated.
But what are some of the reasons that a man might experience male organ
pain while urinating?
Male organ pain while urinating can be caused by several things.
 Social disease. How many men have had a painful urination
experience and panicked, thinking, “Please, please don’t let me have
caught a social disease?” This is not at all the most common cause,
but for sensually active single men, at least, it is often “top of mind.”
Even those who consistently use latex protection during coupling may
worry that in this rare instance the protection failed. In fact, painful
urination is a common symptom for a number of social diseases. Since
these can be serious conditions not just for the man but for his
possibly infected partners, seeing a doctor to find out if a social
disease is responsible is crucial.
 Urinary tract infection. However, a more likely reason is that the
guy has contracted a urinary tract infection (UTI) instead. Although it
is popularly believed that only women get UTIs, this is not true. While
women do indeed come down with them more often, it is very
possible for a man to catch one as well. With a UTI, bacteria have
managed to get into the urethra and have settled in for a little stay,
causing an infection. This is often accompanied by redness and
swelling, but not always. Men with a UTI may find themselves
needing to urinate more often than usual; they may also notice that
their urine is cloudy or even a bit bloody. In addition to the male
organ pain, sometimes there is pain in the lower stomach or back.
Treatment involves antibiotics (so see a doctor) as well as increasing
intake of fluids. (This may make a guy urinate more, which can be
painful, but it helps flush the bacteria out more quickly.)
 Kidney stone. Intense male organ pain may in some cases mean that a
kidney stone has entered the urethra. These are mineral and salt
deposits that form a “stone” somewhere along the way between the
kidneys and the urethra. Passing the stone through urination is painful,
especially when the stone is large.
 Bladder cancer. The worst-case scenario for male organ pain while
urinating is the possibility of bladder cancer. Symptoms – painful
urination, blood in urine, back pain, et cetera – are common with other
sources of male organ pain, so if those are ruled out, then the doctor
should definitely test for cancer.
 Dehydration. Sometimes simple dehydration is responsible for male
organ pain while urinating. During dehydration, urine can become
concentrated, and this “thicker” version can cause some pain while
being deposited out of the body.
If a man has continuing male organ pain while urinating, or if it is intense,
he should consult with his doctor.
Often, male organ pain while urinating will make the member feel generally
sore, so it pays to regularly use a top-notch male organ health oil (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven
mild and safe for skin). Tender manhood skin, especially if it is dehydrated,
will respond positively to an oil that contains a combination of a high-end
emollient (such as shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E). It
also helps to select an oil that contains a potent antioxidant, such as alpha
lipoic acid, which can fight the free radicals that damage the member
through oxidative stress.