Sensual Toys for More Advanced Users

Sensual Toys for More Advanced Users
Some would say that to have a happy sensual life, all a man needs is a male
organ and a willing partner with which to share it. (Some would also say,
from another point of view, all a man needs is a male organ and a hand with
which to share it.) But many men prefer a little more variety in their sensual
lives; they have good male organ health and want to take advantage of their
favorite organ – and thus many men and/or couples enjoy exploring sensual
toys as an added “spice.” Some are perfectly happy with sticking with basics
like a plain male organ ring – but some may want to explore some more
“advanced” sensual toys.
Let’s take a look at some sensual toys for more advanced male users.
 The grenade self-stimulator. Okay, a guy doesn’t necessarily have to
be so advanced in using sensual toys to make use of the grenade – but
it’s so odd that it’s definitely not on most men’s list of first-time toy
purchasers. The grenade is basically what it sounds like – a selfpleasuring device shaped like a grenade. As with most selfstimulators, it’s made of a pliable material and designed for the
tumescent member to be stuck inside it. Sensual activity is simulated
until the man “explodes” rather than the grenade, by releasing seed.
 Nipple expanders. Although many men aren’t aware of it, the nipples
can be an excitable zone for men as well as women. (Indeed, nipple
play is common among gay men.) Nipple expanders are essentially
suction cups attached to the nipples to help them grow, both wider and
longer. This in theory makes them even more sensitive to touch and
more capable of delivering pleasurable feelings to a guy. Those who
wish to explore this option should take it slow and gradually build up
use over time. They should also discontinue if there are signs of
 Male chastity devices. Popular among those who are more into the
role play and discipline scene, male chastity cages come in a variety
of materials – silicone, plastic, steel, etc. – but are intended to serve
the same function: to keep the manhood locked away. Many are
intended to make tumescences painful. The jury is out over whether
prolonged use can cause damage to the member, with many
enthusiasts swearing to their safeness. However, users should remove
them if there is any sign of possible damage.
 Advanced posterior plugs. More and more men are discovering that
posterior plugs and other devices intended to stimulate the posterior
can add a new dimension to their sensual lives. Finding the device that
is right for an individual can be challenging; most beginners should
stick with smaller sizes, at least initially. Really thick plugs or male
organ substitutes can be challenging, and those considered posterior
stretchers are usually best only for much advanced users. Some men
may also find that those posterior plugs that are “spiked” are a bit
challenging to those who are just starting out and may wish to stick
more to the basic models. It’s also always a good reminder that use of
posterior toys requires plenty of lubrication.
Whether a user of sensual toys is a beginner or very advanced, he needs to
takes steps to ensure his general male organ health, and one excellent way
toward this goal is the daily use of a top-drawer male organ health oil
(health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically
proven mild and safe for skin). The most respected oils are likely to
contain both L-arginine and L-carnitine. The former is an amino acid that
helps the body produce nitric oxide, thereby more readily enabling manhood
blood vessels to expand as needed. L-carnitine is a neuroprotective
ingredient that can help maintain needed member sensation, even when the
member is subjected to somewhat rough use.