The Male Oral Sensual Activity Experience - 6 Tips for Women

The Male Oral Sensual Activity Experience: 6
Tips for Women
What comes to mind when someone says, “sensual activity”? For most
straight individuals, it probably involves the insertion of a member into a
female organ. But even with penetrative coupling being most often
associated with the term, there’s a lot to be said for other forms of sensual
activity – especially oral sensual activity. Men especially seem to have a
great fondness for having oral sensual activity practiced upon them, and as
long as male organ health and similar issues are not a concern, many
partners are willing to give them what they want – at least occasionally. But
many men really crave oral sensual activity with greater frequency; for
women wishing to satisfy their man orally, the following tips may prove
 Be comfortable with the idea. Some women object to giving a man
oral sensual activity because they view it as demeaning to some
extent. On the surface, it can appear that way, with a woman often
kneeling and with a man seemingly in control. But in fact, the woman
is often the one with the real power in the act. It is her ministrations,
her decisions on how fast to go, which areas to include, how to
involve the use of hands, et cetera, that decide whether the male will
get the ultimate experience he desires. It pays to remember this and to
approach the act from a position of strength so that it can be enjoyed
more by both parties.
 Be comfortable with the execution. Yes, adult video teaches people
that engulfing the entire member with one’s throat is the ideal form of
oral sensual activity, something that might be difficult or even
impossible for some oral sensual activity givers. In fact, many men
prefer oral sensual activity that focuses more on the head of the
manhood. And even those who prefer attention to the entire shaft can
be pleased by using hands near the base, thus preventing the
uncomfortable gag reflex.
 Avoid teeth. Okay, some men actually do like a little nibble during
oral sensual activity, but most prefer to have their oral sensual activity
teeth-free. It can be difficult, but it pays to do one’s best to keep the
teeth off of the member, especially the delicate head.
 Include the sacks. Removing the shaft from the mouth and spending
some quality oral time on the sacks is usually welcomed by the man.
Plus, the change-up can give one’s mouth a little bit of a rest.
 Don’t rush (at first). Generally, both the receiver and the giver prefer
to start things off a little slowly and then pick up the speed. For the
receiver, this really heats up the whole sensual activity process,
making them more and more receptive as the activity goes on. For the
giver, this gives them the chance to ease themselves in to things and to
not get tired out too quickly.
 Don’t be afraid to make requests. During oral sensual activity, the
giver is going to be very up close and personal, so she should make
requests so that the experience is pleasant for them as well. For
example, they may want to request that the man refrain from
“pumping” into her mouth if she finds that uncomfortable. If the
manhood has a strong odor or is unclean, the giver should definitely
demand a thorough washing if he wishes to proceed.
Women and others who want to give oral sensual activity to their male
partners deserve a member that is in good health, so men should be using a
superior male organ health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1
Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). If persistent
male organ odor is a problem, applying an oil with vitamin A is urged; that
vitamin has anti-bacterial properties to fight unwanted male organ odor. And
dry, flaky or scaly member skin can often be avoided by using an oil with
natural moisturizing agents like vitamin E and shea butter.