Sensual Positions for Limber Lovers

Sensual Positions for Limber Lovers
A lot of men are perfectly happy with the sensual positions they already use
and don’t want to change a thing, thank you very much. But there are also
some who may feel they’d like to expand their horizons a bit in this area.
And if they happen to be more limber than most, then they may find new
opportunities open up to them. Assuming, of course, that there are no male
organ health issues that need to be considered, following are some possible
sensual positions for limber lovers.
Warning: Attempting these sensual positions can put strain on parts of the
body, so be sure of one’s limber status (and the status of one’s partner!)
before attempting. And be sure to warm up properly in advance.
 The ankle necklace. Seeking that sometimes elusive g-spot in a
partner? This position may be the ticket. Going from a missionary
position, the man starts to sit up on his knees while the woman forms
a bridge position, keeping the member inside her female organ. (The
man should use his hands to support his partner’s hips). The man
slowly raises one of his partner’s legs and then another onto his
shoulders, straightening them and perhaps crossing the ankles behind
his neck.
 Headstand. This requires significant strength and coordination
between the partners, but it’s essentially the easiest position to
explain. With the aid of one partner, the other goes into a headstand
and stays there while the partner helps keep him/her in position while
performing oral sensual activity. Partners switch when it’s the
appropriate time. The rush of blood can be exhilarating – but be
careful of remaining in the position for too long.
 Lower bridge. The man lies on his back, bends his knees and lifts his
hips, as in doing a lower back bridge position. The woman straddles
him and bounces up and down. A man must be confident of his lower
back strength before attempting this one.
 Spread eagle male. A variation on a familiar female pose, in this one
the male lies on his back, spreads his legs as far as possible and pulls
them back, grasping his feet or ankles to do so. The woman then
places herself on his tumescent member for the penetrative fun.
 Backward push-up. Again, be sure of one’s strength before
attempting this. The man lies down on his back, then pushes himself
up so that his feet and hands are all that are on the ground. The female
then straddles him, leaning back and putting her weight on her legs
and hands. Maintaining this position is challenging, but many women
report it can provide some very pleasant stimulation.
 The oyster. Little flexibility is required of the male for this position,
but the female must be quite limber, indeed. She lies on her back and
starts to assume a spread eagle position. However, she stretches her
legs so that her feet end up on either side of her head. The male then
holds her feet in place as he enters her, and she uses her hands to keep
the man’s weight off of her. Experts claim that this is an excellent
position for those couples who are keen on really deep penetration.
Even the most limber lovers might find some of these sensual positions a
challenge, so they need to be sure not only of their flexibility and strength –
but also that their manhood is in good shape. One way is through the daily
application of a first-rate male organ health oil (health professionals
recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for
skin). The best oil will contain vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid, a
vital nutrient that is required for cell metabolism and the maintenance of
healthy tissue. In addition, the oil should include vitamin C, a key
component of collagen, a tissue in the body that gives skin its tone and