Summer 2011

Summer 2011
Changing the Lives of Area Children:
The Measure of our Impact
A teenage girl --- we’ll call her Jessica --came to our Temporary Shelter Program
filled with anger and defiance. The
teenage years are difficult for most kids
but Jessica’s emotions and behaviors were
extreme. Her angry outbursts and acts
of aggression were tearing her family
apart, causing her grades to plummet and
resulting in numerous school suspensions.
Jessica and her family did not have the
resources to pay for counseling and didn’t
really know where to turn.
Initially Jessica didn’t
want to talk with
her therapist
but once she
that her
wasn’t going
to drive the
away, she slowly
began to express
her feelings. Jessica
learned new ways to
cope with her anger and how
to express it in acceptable ways. The
family reports great improvements at
home and Jessica’s grades have improved
as well. She wants to attend school now
and is, therefore, trying hard to avoid
suspensions. Jessica and her family have
more work to do but they are now moving
together in the right direction.
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Sheet Metal Workers
Local 36 Golf Tournament 2
Message from the
Executive Director 3
Message from Board Chair 3
2010 Annual Report
The mission of St. Vincent Home for
Children has always been focused on
improving the lives of children. While the
programs and services have kept pace with
the changing needs of our community, we
are proud to say that we truly are making
a positive impact. Like most parents and
grandparents, we too like to brag on our
kids’ (and family) successes! Here is an
overview of some of those successes:
• In its first 9 months of operation,
Back on Track: Parents
& Kids Working
Together, providing
& group
to kids 12
– 19 along
with family
counseling and
case management
services, kept 100%
of those families together
with no substantiated hotline
• 87.5% of Temporary Shelter youth
achieved 90% or higher in school
attendance as well as decreased aggression
at home and at school.
• 75% of Temporary Shelter youth
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Golf Tournament
Kookin’ for Kids
Reaching Kids in New
& Different Ways
Calendar of Events
Arts Education
New Officers
and Trustees
As stewards of our mission, the Trustees
of St. Vincent Home for Children
provide strategic direction, advice and
counsel, as well as financial oversight.
As ambassadors in the community, they
share the successes of our programs and
invite others to join us in our effort
to give the best possible care to our
children and families. We are incredibly
grateful to the board for all the special
ways they share their time, talent and
treasure with the Home. We are pleased
to announce the following officers for
Board Chair: Robert G. Schurwan,
Enterprise Fleet Management
Board Vice-Chair: Rachael Keller Brown,
Pelopidas, LLC
Board Treasurer: Kelly Flanigan,
The Doe Run Company
Board Secretary: Louise Reeves,
L. Reeves and Associates
President of the German St. Vincent
Orphan Association: Marie Furrer
Vice President of the German St.
Vincent Orphan Association: Leslie Farr
Newly elected to the board for 2011
are: Rachel Keller Brown and
Kurt Emshousen
We also acknowledge with gratitude
the service of the following Retiring
Trustees: Maria Torrez, Mike Taylor,
Tasha Pettis Bonds, and Rodney Boyd
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improved their relationships with
family and peers.
• Based on standardized test scores,
80% of the students attending St.
Vincent School increased their math
and reading scores by at least 1½
grade levels this year. One student
raised his math scores by nearly 6
grade levels and another raised his
reading scores by 3½ grade levels!
• Five students graduated from St.
Vincent School this year --- setting
a great example and providing
motivation for their fellow classmates
to follow in their footsteps. This is a
huge achievement for students who
were previously headed down the
wrong path.
• Our Residential Treatment
Program saw 65% of youth move
to a less restrictive environment
like home, relatives, or a foster
family. 71% of youth in Residential
Treatment demonstrated
improvement in their social and
behavioral skills with a decline in
signs and symptoms that were barriers
to mentally healthy functioning.
• Nearly 99% of families served by
SMART Parenting, a home-based
program serving pregnant moms and
parents with young children, had
no substantiated hotline reports and
no out-of-home placements. 72%
of parents developed friendships
with others and reduced feelings of
isolation, a risk factor for child abuse
and neglect.
If you would like to learn more about
our programs and services and how
you can be a part of changing the life
of a child, please contact Lee Ann
Taylor, Executive Director, at 314261-6011 ext. 139 or Cristina Garcia,
Development Coordinator, at ext.
Sheet Metal Workers Local
36 Hosts Golf Tournament
The Sheet Metal Workers Local 36 hosted their annual golf
tournament at Glen Echo Country Club in May 2011 benefiting
St. Vincent Home for Children. Over the past sixteen years, the
Sheet Metal Workers have donated over $200,000 to support our
important work with
children and families.
We are so grateful for
their continued support!
“Sheet Metal Workers
Local 36 are truly
wonderful friends who
continue to support our
work with kids despite
the down economy”
said Lee Ann Taylor,
Executive Director.
Message from the Executive Director
I hope you are enjoying the summer
weather. We have experienced some
catastrophic tornadoes in our area
over the last several months. We have
been truly blessed that no lives were
lost in the St. Louis area. Anyone who
Lee Ann Taylor experienced loss of power or damage
from these storms has undoubtedly been faced with unfamiliar
chaos and lots of stress. I’m reminded of the chaotic lives that
many of our children have come from --- perhaps not having
enough to eat or not knowing where they were going to sleep
--- or whether violence would be a part of their day. It is so
easy for most of us to take for granted that we will have our
basic needs met, live without violence touching our lives, and
be able to get the extra things that make us more comfortable.
At St. Vincent Home for Children, we provide treatment to
help kids heal from the abuse, neglect, violence, and chaos that
often has been present in their lives. We offer them therapy to
gain new perspective, new decision-making skills, and the hope
that a better tomorrow is possible for each of them.
I hope you have taken the time to read about the positive
impact we are having through our programs and services.
This impact not only helps the individual kids and families
but also creates a better community for all of us. I encourage
you to take time to stop and count your blessings --- hug
your children and grandchildren recognizing that family and
friends are our most important treasures. If you want to make
a difference in the life of someone else’s child or grandchild,
please consider a gift to St. Vincent Home for Children. Our
donors and supporters are truly partners in our work!
Lee Ann Taylor
Executive Director
Message from the Board Chair
Even as our economy continues
to struggle to recover from one
of the most difficult challenges in
our nation’s history, I am proud to
say that the St. Vincent Home for
Children is still going strong thanks
Bob Schurwan to your generous support. Among
other things, your generosity has allowed us to further
enhance our program development to better educate and
care for our children and their families. It has also provided
our staff the opportunity to continue to work diligently
on our many on-going initiatives such as our successful
Temporary Shelter program. With that being said, the
unfortunate fact still remains that there is a real need in our
community for us to persist with our mission. It is because
of that need we have had to broaden our appeal base to
ensure the sustainability of the Home to make a real and
powerful difference in our community.
While I’ve been a board member for only a couple of years,
my experience with the St. Vincent Home for Children
dates back to the early 1970’s. The father of a close friend
was orphaned as a boy and raised to young adulthood in
the Home. My friend and I could easily see in his father
the values instilled in him and the great deal of respect and
gratitude he felt for the Home. As a result of his father’s
personal experience, my friend and I became very involved
with the Home at an early age. We often volunteered to
help with fund-raising events for the Home, such as picnics
and basketball tournaments. We even regularly volunteered
to help with the general maintenance and upkeep on the
building and the grounds.
In those days the Home was a Catholic organization. I
must say one of the greatest highlights of the year for me
was Christmas Eve Mass at St. Vincent with my family. I
can remember fondly marveling at the beauty of the chapel
and the splendor of the Christmas decorations. Adding
to those fond memories is the high school graduation I
attended at the Home earlier this year. It was a very special
moment seeing the excitement and sense of pride and self
accomplishment on the faces of the five young men who
achieved their diplomas as a result of all of their hard work.
As I continue to reflect on all of my many wonderful
memories surrounding the Home, I have come to realize
that even with all of the changes throughout the years, from
the day the doors were opened all those years ago, right up
to the present time, the mission has remained the same.
St. Vincent Home for Children is crucial in educating and
changing the lives of troubled kids and families for the
better. This is the reason St. Vincent is so endearing to me
and I am proud to be a part of this wonderful organization. Robert G. Schurwan
Board Chair
St. Vincent Home for Children
Robert G. Schurwan
Vice Chair
Rachael Keller Brown
Kelly Flanigan
Recording Secretary
Louise Reeves
Natalie Alberici
John R. Chickey
Rich Chrismer
Marie Dargan
Kurt Emshousen
Mary Ann Eultgen, SCC
Thomas J. Lovinguth
Byron A. Marshall
Richard Poehling
Rocky Rhodes
Daniel F. Ryan
Rex Sinquefield
Bill Wilkerson
Association President
Marie Furrer
Association Vice-President
Leslie Farr
Executive Director
Lee Ann Taylor
Our Mission is to provide
love, security and professional
treatment for troubled
children and their families
through a fully integrated
program of services.
Serving St. Louis children
in need since 1850.
2010 Annual Report
Program & Financial Highlights
As part of our stewardship responsibilities, we are pleased to provide 2010
program and financial information in this 2010 Annual Report. The
information in this Annual Report is provided to demonstrate our gratitude
to all of our supporters and our continuing commitment to sound financial
stewardship. Management assumes full responsibility for the completeness
and reliability of all information provided in this report.
Program Highlights:
Financial Highlights:
• The St. Louis County Children’s
Service Fund awarded us contracts
for three new programs serving
St. Louis County youth and their
families: Temporary Shelter, Respite
Care, and SMART Parenting.
• St. Vincent School expanded
services to include three Illinois
school districts: Collinsville, East St.
Louis, and Cahokia.
Program Fees $1,342,505
Program Services
$ 707,035
Management & General $ 242,381
United Way
$ 144,311
$ 227,546
$ 228,394
$2, 829,051
• Kookin’ for Kids, the agency’s
largest fundraiser, moved to the
Sheraton Westport Lakeside Chalet
which proved to be a great venue for
this event.
• St. Vincent Home for Children
became a Better Business Bureau
accredited charity meeting all of
their standards of quality.
End of Year Net Assets:
• The agency completed a Strategic
Planning process and approved the
2011-2013 Strategic Plan to provide
guidance and direction going
• The agency continued to attract
a large number of volunteers to
help support our mission. In 2010,
over 1,000 volunteers helped with
a variety of individual and group
13th Annual Golf for
Children Tournament
This year’s 13th Annual Golf for Children Tournament, held at Glen Echo
Country Club on June 6, 2011, was a resounding success. Co-chairs Natalie
Alberici and Jim Hull enjoyed a wonderful day of friendly competition on an
outstanding golf course.
Greeted by staff and volunteers, players signed in to goodie bags filled with
P ho
SVHC golfer’s towels, coupons, snacks, cups, etc. and purchased mulligans
B l ac
and raffle tickets from Rams cheerleaders. Players then enjoyed a nice lunch before
e -M
is so
the shotgun start at noon. We had more foursomes this year and the pace of play was
ur i
remarkable considering the heat. Many thanks to Al Hrabosky and Mike Matheny for joining us for
the day.
After golf, players enjoyed a wonderful dinner prepared by Chef Rob, a silent auction, and
the opportunity to bid on a limited number of great live and silent auction items. This year’s
20th Annual Golf for Children Tournament raised nearly $40,000 for St. Vincent Home
for Children. SVHC would like to thank the committee members, our generous sponsors,
auction donors, volunteers, players and everyone that participated in making the Golf
Tournament a success.
Kookin’ for Kids -
Don’t Miss this Night of Divine Dining!
Co-chairs Marie Furrer, Barb Behlmann and Jennifer Schaefer and the entire 2011
Kookin’ for Kids Committee invite you to our biggest event of the year. Join us for
a night of superb food, outstanding musical entertainment, fun celebrity servers,
and exciting auction items!
This year’s 20th Annual Kookin’ for Kids will be held on Sunday, August
21 at the Sheraton Westport Lakeside Chalet.
Last year’s event raised over $90,000 -- providing vital funding to support the needs
of the children at St. Vincent’s. We are truly grateful for the faithful support of our
participating restaurants, celebrity servers, generous guests and auction donors. Your
donations of time, talent, and financial support help us to achieve our mission of
providing hope and renewal to those that depend on us.
For more information, please contact Cristina Garcia (314) 261-6011, ext. 124,
or email: [email protected].
Register online today at Tickets are $75 or $750 for a table of 10. All tables must be
reserved in advance.
Reaching Kids in New
& Different Ways:
Non-Traditional Therapies
That Work
Augmenting traditional counseling, kids at St. Vincent Home for
Children in Residential Treatment and our Shelter programs are reaping
the benefits from some non-traditional treatment approaches. Our
array of services includes Art Therapy, Arts Mentoring, and Violence
Prevention. Trish Heiser, LPC offers a fun and creative forum of
expression through art therapy. Larry Perlmutter, Executive Director of
Viva Vox, provides a variety of different art workshops as well as matching
artists with youth in a mentoring role. These programs allow our kids
to increase their self esteem and express themselves far beyond what they are typically willing to do with traditional counseling.
RAVEN (Rape and Violence End Now), an organization that traditionally served adults, has adapted their curriculum to
provide anger management and violence prevention groups tailored to adolescent males and females. We are incredibly grateful
to the Daughters of Charity Foundation of St. Louis, Dana Brown Charitable Trust, St. Louis Variety, and the Boeing
Employees Community Fund for their financial support of these services! We truly value their partnership with us in making a
Planned Giving:
Leaving a Living Legacy
Many of us are committed to giving back to the community.
We do that through volunteering our time and talent as well
as making charitable contributions to nonprofit organizations
whose missions fit with helping individuals or causes that we
care and feel passionate about. Whether we have modest means
or considerable wealth, most Americans participate in charitable
giving in some form.
At some point in life, most people begin to think about how
they want to distribute their estate --- be it large or small
--- so that they can direct their assets in a meaningful way.
Developing this plan can be quite empowering as it gives people
the opportunity to plan their “living legacy” and to ensure
that they can continue to support charitable causes after their
death. There are both simple and complex ways to do this.
If you believe in the work of St. Vincent Home for Children
and would like to join us in changing the lives of area children
through planned giving, please contact Lee Ann Taylor at 314261-6011 ext. 139 or Cristina Garcia at ext. 124. We would be
happy to speak with you and connect you with someone who
can help with your estate planning needs.
In 2010, Monsanto introduced Monsantogether, a program that supports
personal charitable involvement by their employees and encourages them
to volunteer in their communities. On April 14, 2011, St. Vincent Home
for Children Executive Director Lee Ann Taylor joined 11 other nonprofit
organizations in the St. Louis area that were recognized for logging more
than 100 Monsanto employee volunteer hours in 2010.
The Volunteer Recognition Breakfast was held by the Monsanto Fund
and included Deborah Patterson, President of the Monsanto Fund, Jan
Holloway, Chief of Staff and Community Relations for Monsanto, and St.
Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley.
St. Vincent’s received $2,750 due to the large number of volunteer hours
logged by Monsanto employees. Thank you, Monsanto, for honoring us,
and for your employee’s generous volunteer hours!
to our 2011 Graduates!
Calendar of Events
August 21, 2011 20th Annual
Kookin’ for Kids
November 12, 2011 Fall Trivia Night
December 8, 2011 Rex and Jeanne Sinquefield’s
Annual Christmas Party
Visit our website:
for other events!
On May 12, 2011, five of our students graduated from St. Vincent School.
The celebration marked the accomplishments of these students and set a great
example for their peers to follow in their footsteps. Words of wisdom and
encouragement at the graduation were provided by St. Vincent Board Chair,
Bob Schurwan and Executive Director,
Lee Ann Taylor. Students and staff
continued the celebration with a catered
lunch following the graduation ceremony
generously provided by Tony Lonero
and his staff. Many thanks to Tony for
this great lunch and all the great food he
delivers at various times throughout the
We are a proud member of the
United Way of Greater St. Louis.
Please support the
United Way Campaign.
Arts Education for St. Vincent’s Residents
The arts are enriched with the things children need to succeed. Just like kids need
to have good nutrition on a daily basis, kids need to have the arts in their lives as
well. Studies have shown that involvement in the arts helps children increase test
scores and promotes academic achievement. Kids who are involved in the arts are:
• 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement
• 3 times more likely to be elected to class office within their schools
• 4 times more likely to participate in math and science fairs
• 3 times more likely to win an award for school attendance
This spring, 12 SVHC residents participated in a project with Viva Vox, an
organization that provides arts mentoring services to “at-risk” youth in order to
promote self discovery, positive personal growth, and to impact social change.
The kids enjoyed 4 weeks of workshops, most of which were held in the art room
at St. Vincent’s.
Additionally, the girls were able to go to Kruger Pottery in Webster Groves and
throw on the wheel. Throughout this process they learned many things about
art and, most importantly, about themselves. One resident said, “This is the best
thing in art I’ve ever done.” The children had the opportunity to talk with the
instructor, ask questions, and learned how they could possibly make extra money
or a career in the arts. Viva Vox has been an integral part of our treatment services
for many years. A special thanks to Kruger Pottery for all of their support!
St. Vincent Home for Children
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