March 2014
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Directors News
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Hi and welcome to our March newsletter, the centre has been
very busy over the last couple of months, I would like to take this
opportunity to welcome all our new families to the service , hope
your children are enjoying their time with us . If you have any
questions about your child’s progress please contact us at any
If you have any special skills you would like to share with the
service please contact me.
Jodi Sweet
Important reminders
To name your children’s belongings so they can be
returned if misplaced.
Please encourage children to leave toys at home as they
may get lost or misplaced
Children’s immunisation details up to date. Please supply
an updated copy to the service.
Kindy children, please supply a copy of your healthcare
card to the service as you may be entitled to government
Funding to help with your fees
Head lice, there has been a couple of cases in the service
please remember to check your children’s hair and to treat
them if they have signs of head lice.
Policy Reviews for this month :
3.1 Centre Philosophy
3.2 Developmental Records
3.3 Programming
3.4 Outdoor Play
3.5 Tansition of children through age groups
3.6 Before and after school care
3.7 Toilet Training
3.8 Excursions and Visitor
3.9 Electronic Media
3.9.1 Digital photo and camera
3.10 Mixed age Grouping
3.11 personal Belongings
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News from the rooms
Free Range Kids
Ducklings News
Hi from the Duckling room
In the ducklings room we have been having so much fun exploring natural materials in our sensory
boxes. Which include sand, rocks, leaves and seas shells, the children love playing in these and
exploring all the different textures? We have also been very busy planting seeds to get ready for your
garden the children love watering them every day cannot wait to see what seedlings we grow, thanks
Norco for the seeds. We have also been focusing on self-help skills in the room sitting at the table for
meal time and washing our hands
Til next time Mrs Bates and Miss Schipp
Piglets News
In the piglets room we have been very busy learning about colours, our names, counting and the ABC.
These all help with children’s development and they expand what they learn and know how to follow
new learning paths. The children are very enthusiastic and are learning a lot of social skills through
everyday day play .we have integrated care of our centre chickens and veggie garden in to our
everyday routine. The children are really enjoying this.
The children are growing and learning everyday if you have questions about the learning that takes
place in the piglets room please contact us at any time .
Thanks Mrs Sanders , Mrs Williams and Miss McEvoy
Billy Goats News
Dear families,
We have been very busy in the Billy Goat’s classroom. We have been doing a variety of structured learning and free
play. The children are gaining so much from this different type of learning environments. We have been learning about
how to deal with issues that may happen in the classroom and out in the playground. We are trying to encourage
children to develop self-help skills, although, we do realise that this is not always possible. Please talk to your children
and encourage them to talk about their day and friendships. Also, children should be encouraged to share their concerns
and worries with you and their teachers.
Our letter of the week is a huge success! I am so impressed with the effort you and your child are putting in. The
children love sharing their letter items, this is such precious learning.
The children have shown a keen interest in ball skills. I have noticed that quite a few children have well developed
kicking, throwing and catching skills. This is great to see. We will continue to provide for this interest and further
develop their skills in small and large group activities. Can families please send in photos of their child’s family
(parents, siblings, people who live in their house, whoever makes up their immediate family)? We are going to make a
family tree on our wall for the children to take ownership of. Also, this will provoke discussion about what a family is
and what they look like. If something exciting happens at home and your child would like to share it for news, please let
us know. We love to encourage children to speak in public situations, this helps to develop communicating skills. Some
families like to email us photos and a brief explanation of what the child’s news is. When we know what the news is,
we are able to ask explicit questions to encourage opened answers. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to
know how your child is going. We will plan for parent/teacher interviews in June/July.
Talk soon,
Miss Collins and Miss Morris
Free Range Kids
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Government Approved Kindergarten
Free Range Kids
63 Barrawell Street
Wallangarra QLD
(07) 46843 685
(07) 46843 222
If your child is already attending the Kindy
program can you please remember to provide the
centre with a copy of your healthcare card or
pension card to get reduce fees from the
government funding.
[email protected]
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Staff and rooms at the Service
Duckling: Birth to 2years
Mrs Nadia Bates
Miss Ashleigh Schipp
Piglets: 15months to 3 years
Mrs Kathy Sanders
Mrs Williams
Miss Brittney McEvoy
Billy Goats: 3 years to 5 years
Miss Kylie Collins
Miss Hannah Morris
Stanthorpe Bus:
Mrs Cushla Hinze
Miss Rebecca Quilter
Tenterfield Bus:
Miss Emma Carroll
Miss Crystal Ivanics
Relief staff
Miss Angela Scuito
Mrs Joanne Petroccitto
Miss Emma Carroll