Welcome to Newburgh Primary School

Welcome to
Newburgh Primary
Aims of this Evening
Introduce you to key members of Staff in
the School and the Reception Unit.
 To learn about the roles of Governing
Body and the Parents and Teachers
 What to expect when your child first starts
school in September.
Mr Smith
Mr Binnie
(Chair of the Governing Body)
Lisa Brown
(Parent and Vice Chair PTA)
The School Office
The School Office is your first point of
 Mrs Caddick– Office Manager/School
Business Manager
 Mrs Fleming Mrs Hall – Administrators
 Mrs Elswood – Administrative Assistant
 Uniform, Absence, Dinners, Milk, Queries.
What to expect in September
Home visits wb. September 2nd
Staggered Start.
Group 1 – Starts on September 8th.
Group 1 and group 2 come in September 9th.
Group 1, 2 and 3 are all in on the September 10th 11th
and 12th.
The children will have lunch in school this week and go
home at 1.00pm.
Daily Routine in September
Children arrive at 9:05 for the first week
(WB. 8th September), parents are welcome to help their
child find their peg, drawer, lunch box trolley and sit
down on the carpet.
WB. 15th September, children come in at 9:05 and you
can help with coats and bags but see if children can
come to the carpet on their own.
WB. 22nd September, children come in at 9:05 and
parents can still come into the setting but in previous
years we have found that the children are generally
happy to come in on their own (its harder for the
parents!). But please feel free to check them onto the
Daily Routine in October
There will be a teacher on the door (to prevent children
running out) and children can come into the classroom
from 8:45 from WB. 29th September. There will be
Reception staff inside the door to assist children.
Register and learning time, with a playtime at 10.40.
Lunch is from 12.00 - 1.00 pm and then more learning
time in the afternoon and home time is at 3.15 pm.
What your child will need when they start in
Book Bag
Uniform is available on Thursday mornings 8.45 –
9.15 am, from the office, or please ask for an order
You will not need a indoor PE kit until WB. 6th
How to help your child at home
Reading and Sharing a book.
Fortnightly newsletter.
Home Learning book to record your child's significant
learning e.g swimming without arm bands.
Parents are invited to
Celebration Assemblies - children receive
pebble certificates.
 Themed activity sessions four times a
 Parents evening.
 Reading evening.
This PowerPoint will be available on the school website.