Mobile, Social and Gamification in E

Wednesday 4th of March 2015
)min06( 8:45– 7:45
Grand Hall
Main Session
9:45– 8:45
Vijay Kumar
Digital Learning and the Innovative Transformation of Education
10:00 –9:45
11:00 – 10:00
Grand Hall
Innovation in Learning & Teaching : processing partnership
11:15 –11:00
Hall 2
141- The Impact of Digital Video Cues To Develop Listening And
Hall 3
239- Effectiveness Of Computer Assisted Instruction In The Subject Of Mathematics
For Distance Learners
Speaking Skills For Hearing-Impaired Children At The Kindergarten
(Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Elsayed)
207-Feedback on Using Virtual Classrooms for Teaching Blended
(Dr. Cheik Kamran)
52- Using a WebQuest Model to Develop Critical Reading among General Secondary
Stage Students(Dr. Manal Mohammed)
197-Effective Flexible E-learning Resource Based Cognitive Flexibility Hypertext
Theory from learners Viewpoint(Dr. Chokri Barhoumi)
Computer Science and Information Technology Courses at Taif
University(Dr. Salha Alzahrani)
220-Development of The Motivational Design Model for Flipped Course
and its Effect on Outcomes Learning, Level of Information Process
(Dr. Akram Ali)
Grand Hall
Main Session
Dr. Rob Kadel
The Untapped Potential for eLearning:
12:15 –11:15
Placing Efficacy at the Heart of Digital
Learning Challenges
28-Flexible Framework for Adoption of OERs - Open Educational
Resources in Arab Universities (Dr. JAMIL ATMEZA)
1:30 –12:15
Thohor Prayer and Lunch Break
)min 51(
Hall 3
Hall 2
229- Effective is the Use of Three-Dimensional Learning Environment in the
157- The Role of e-Learning in Improving the Quality of Higher
Development of Skills to Use System Management Virtual Learning (Ms. Faten
Education in Academic Institutions "- the UAE's experience (Ms. Ilhem
260- The Effectiveness of Electronic Puzzles in
Developing Achievement and
Retention of English Vocabularies for Second Intermed (Ms. Mashael
194-Diagnosis of the Cognitive Structure of Learners for Good Planning
Lessons in e-Learning (Dr. Ezzahri Said)
32-Quality and Accreditation Standards of E-Learning Programs from the
51- Flipped Classroom at the Defence University: A Pilot Study(Dr. Jowati binti
Perspective of International Accreditation Bodies: Proposed(Dr. YASSER
Grand Hall
Main Session
Prof. Olaf Zawacki-Richter
Development of Online Distance
2:30 –1:30
Education and Media Usage Behavior in
Non-Traditional Learning
)min1( 2:35 – 2:30
Hall 3
175- Effectiveness of a Personal learning Environment To Develop Digital Video
Editing Skill. (Mrs. RANA SHAHINI)
201- The Relationship Between Social Networking Games and Motivation to
Complete the Tasks and the Trend (Dr. Eman Mahdy Mohamed Mahdy)
34-Open Educational Resources: Opportunities and Challenges for Higher
Education(Mrs. Amina Bahloul)
290- Effectiveness of Virtual Classroom to Acquiring Female Computer Teachers
Hall 2
294- Quality Dimensions and assessment of e-learning systems (Dr.Amr
241-Connecting Classrooms : Connecting Cultures (Dr. Samira Mohamed)
146- A Proposal for Creating a Virtual School in Arab world As an
Application for E-Learning(Dr. Emad Sarhan)
Grand Hall
Main Session
Richard L. Edwards
Increasing Student Success through
)min06( 3:35 – 2:35
Online Learning, Learning Analytics,
and Learner-Centered Practices
Some Design learning Objects Skills (Ms. MANAHL ALAMUDI)
Asir Prayer Break
Hall 3
17-The effectiveness of A Suggested Program based on Moodle System to Develop
Female Student Teachers Achievement, and Attitude Towards Teaching Profession
(Dr. Manal Gadi)
64- The Effectiveness of e-Learning Program Using Tablet Computers to Learn
Some Mathematical Concepts for Pre-School Children (Dr. Nawar Alharbi)
195- A Framework for the Mobile Interactive Teaching and Learning Using Near Field
Communication (NFC) Technology (Dr. NOOR MAIZURA BINTI MOHAMAD NOOR)
)min06( 3:55 – :3:1
Hall 2
Main Session
Panel Discussion 2
Grand Hall
Prof. Mohamed JEMNI
Disruptive Innovation in
ICT for Education in the Arab World: ALECSO new programs
Mr. Vijay Kumar
Dr. Abdullah Al-Walidi
Prof. George Veletsianos
Mr. Stephen Downes
)min06( 4:55 –3:55