Brownie Estimation

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Brownie Estimation
Bonnie is making brownies for a party this weekend. She purchased a brownie mix at the
store and made the batter. Bonnie studied the pan sizes and realized she didn’t have any
of the pans that were listed. She has an 11” X 7” glass pan. How can Bonnie estimate how
long to bake her brownies?
To guide your estimation, answer the questions below:
What math operations can you apply in this math problem?
2. How will you know if your estimations are correct?
3. Use the table below to help Bonnie estimate her bake time.
4. Compare your estimation to others in
the classroom. Were they similar?
Pan Size
Oven Temp
Bake Time
13” x 9”
24-26 min
9” x 9”
38-40 min.
8” x 8”
What differences did you notice?