Setting up your iQ3

Setting up your iQ3
Here’s how to set up your iQ3 to access the world of Foxtel entertainment.
1 First up, let’s check you’ve got all the goods
iQ3 box
iQ3 remote
and batteries
Foxtel cable
HDMI cable
Ethernet lead
Power lead
with power pack
(new customers only)
2 Connect your iQ3 to your TV
Digital Audio Out
12V DC
5A max
on’t be a maverick – make sure your TV (and existing Foxtel
box if you have one) is turned off at the wall.
Cable Input
5V DC 500mA
And remember:
If you’re upgrading your box, use your existing Foxtel,
HDMI and Ethernet cables where possible.
Once you’re connected, turn your TV back on and select the
HDMI source you’ve connected to.
You will see a black screen for a couple of minutes and then just
follow the prompts.
To Foxtel
wall plate
To internet
access point
To power
3 Bluetooth pairing your iQ3 remote
First things first, insert the batteries provided and wait for the standby button on your iQ3 to turn blue, then you’re right to pair.
Bring your remote
to the front of the
iQ3 until the front
of the box lights up.
4 The iQ3 will light up when it
connects with your remote.
Once the lights on the iQ3 and
remote stop flashing, you’re set.
Press any button
on your remote
until the blue light
starts to flash.
Call 1300 732 681 to activate your iQ3.
5 Connecting your iQ3 to the internet
To get the most out of your iQ3 features, connect your Ethernet lead from your internet access point to the back of the iQ3, or connect to WiFi by following
these steps:
Select Home on your iQ3
remote, then arrow right
and select Settings.
Select Internet Connection.
Select WiFi.
Select your network.
FX03828 0714 CAB
Need a helping hand?
For iQ3 tips and tricks, check out your welcome book enclosed or the Help
videos in Channel Picks (in your Home menu). For troubleshooting or support,
go to the Help section in your iQ3 Settings or visit
Enter your WiFi password,
select Done and you will be
advised once connected.