Replace your iQ3

Cable Version
Replace your iQ3
Follow these simple steps to swap your current box with your new iQ3.
1 Connect your new iQ3
on’t be a maverick – make sure your TV and
existing Foxtel iQ3 are turned off at the wall.
Digital Audio Out
12V DC
5A max
Cable Input
5V DC 500mA
Remove the cables from your old iQ3, and connect
them into the same socket on your new box, one
by one.
Once you’re connected, turn your TV and iQ3 on
and select the HDMI source you’ve connected to.
To Foxtel
wall plate
To internet
access point
To power
2 Bluetooth pairing your iQ3 remote
Bring your
remote to the
front of the iQ3
until the front of
the box lights up.
Reset your existing
remote by pressing
the button located
underneath the
battery cover.
The iQ3 will light up when
it connects with your
remote. Once the lights
on the iQ3 and remote
stop flashing, you’re set.
Press any
button on your
remote until
the blue light
starts to flash.
3 Connecting your iQ3 to the internet
To get the most out of your iQ3 features, connect your Ethernet lead from your modem to the back of the iQ3, or connect to WiFi by following these steps:
Select Home on your iQ3
remote, then arrow right
and select Settings.
Select Internet Connection.
Select WiFi.
Select your network.
4 Activating your iQ3
Nearly done!
n the sticker on the outside of your iQ3
carton, find your box number (the first 16
digits only) and your smartcard number.
Then call
1300 732 681
and follow the prompts
You’re now up and running
Make sure you return your old iQ3 to us so we can check what went wrong.
Just take the enclosed letter, label and your old iQ3 to an Australia Post
outlet and we’ll take care of the rest.
FOX0020 09/14 SAT/REP
For troubleshooting or support, go to the Help section in your iQ3 Settings or
Enter your WiFi password,
select Done and you will be
advised once connected.