Salami Recipe – 25# Batch
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Salami Recipe – 25# Batch
15# Beef (or wild game) and 10# Pork
6 cups (3#) Cold Water
Curley’s Deer Salami Premixed Seasoning – 1.44#
1 oz. Sure Cure
*Grind all meat twice through 1/8” plate.
*Place ground meat in meat lugs or pans, sprinkle on 1/2 of seasoning, cure and water.
*Mix thoroughly with hands 5-8 minutes.
*Add rest of seasoning, cure and water and mix 5-10 minutes.
*As you mix the meat it will get tacky (sticky) and will turn a dark cured color. *Mixing of meat is the most
important part of sausage making.
*Pack meat into stuffer very tightly to exclude all air pockets.
*Stuff into pre-soaked (30 minutes) fibrous 2 ½ x 20 casings or lunch meat casings, or any size you prefer.
Stuff as tight as you can, this is important to have a firm texture.
*Place in refrigerator overnight—this is important for the meat to cure.
*Hang sausages in smokehouse evenly, so as not to touch.
*Preheat smokehouse to 130 degrees.
*Drying cycle—sausage needs to be dry for smoke to penetrate casing. This usually takes about 1-2 hr at
130 degrees, damper open.
*Smoking cycle—turn temp to 150 degrees, damper 1/2 open, for 2 hours or until desired color. Start adding
*Cook cycle—turn temperature to 170-190 degrees until internal temp is 155 degrees, dampers closed.
*Cold shower—with cold water for 5 minutes, this helps prevent wrinkles.
*5 lb. batch-.28 lb. seasoning (5 oz.) -1 level teaspoon cure (pink stuff) - 2 teaspoons taste booster- 1 ¼ cup