AMA & Impressions / Rtg% & GRP

AMA & Impressions / Rtg% & GRP
AMA(000) = Average minute audience in thousands
Rtg% = Rating percent
IMP(000) = Impressions in thousands
GRP = Gross Rating Point
AMA(000) & Rtg% are similar stats. AMA is the program or station’s average minute audience expressed in thousands for that demo and
selected area. Rating is that average minute audience number expressed as a percent of the population for that demo and area selected.
Example: If AMA = 1 and the population for our demo and area is 4 than the
Rtg% would be 25% (AMA/POP or 1/4). These results can be interpreted as
follows; 1 person or 25% of the population for our selected demo and area
are watching the program or station in an average minute.
IMP(000) & GRP are related to AMA & Rtg% and rely on the number of occasions being purchased against a certain program or station to be
AMA(000) x Occasions = IMP(000) & Rtg% x Occasions = GRP
Example: If AMA = 1 and Rtg = 25% for a program and we air 3
occasions of our campaign message against this program then our
Impressions will be 3 and our GRPs will be 75.
Both IMP(000) & GRP should be thought off as Gross Audience & Gross Rating respectively; the total number of exposures your campaign
received based on your demo and area selected. Since AMA and Rtg% include duplication this counts people that would have seen the
campaign message more than once.
If you are looking to see the number of unique individuals that were exposed to your campaign you would want to use the Reach statistic which
is an unduplicated audience number.
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