May 22 Buzz - Bangor West Elementary

Bangor West Buzz
"At Bangor West Elementary, our vision is to educate all children to their fullest potential
while encouraging the practice of life principles."
Michelle Goaley-Principal
May 22, 2015
Life Principal of May: Self Control
The ability to choose and control one’s own actions.
M-Step Testing Complete
Our M-Step testing is complete!
Students did a fantastic job showing
perseverance and took the testing
process very seriously. I understand that
this was a lot of testing for these
students required by the state. I want
you to know that we did our best to make
the testing experience and environment
positive and stress-free for our students.
You should be very proud of them... I
know we are!
It’s that time of year again to prepare for
our annual “Field Day” (6/3/15) activities.
We are asking parents to possibly donate
small-size trinkets for prizes. These items,
we are thinking, can be purchased at our
local Dollar Stores. Examples would be
spider rings, wrist bands, bookmarks, toy
cars, hair items, pencils, party favor items,
etc. We are also looking for full size candy
items (candy bars, Skittles, Starbursts,
etc.) These items can be sent into school
at any time.
Thank you in advance for your
continued help.
Music Program
Thank you so much to all of the parents who
attended our music program and supported
our talented students! Mr. Schulz did a
fantastic job with his newly redesigned
teaching structure of 50 minutes every other
day with students. The dancing and
instruments were a great addition
to the show!
Debbie Craves – Office Professional
Bangor West Elementary School
3175 E. Wilder Rd.
Bay City, MI 48706
(989)684-3373 Fax (989)686-8214
School hours 8:30 a.m. – 3:27 p.m.
For the safety of our students, we
request that all visitors enter the
building via the main school
entrance and that all parents and
visitors check in at the school
office when arriving. This includes
morning arrivals and after school
Up-coming Events:
5/28/15..6:00 pm 5th grade Graduation
5/29/15..Talent Show
6/3/15..Field Day
AT 11:30 A.M.
(Board of Education policy #8090/9410)
Thank you
May 29- Joe and Stephanie Maier, Rita Maier
To avoid congestion in our parking lot in the
morning, please have your children ready to
safely depart your vehicle in our designated
drop off area. If you need more time please
take a parking spot and walk your student up
to the building.
As a reminder, all students arriving after 8:30
am and leaving before 3:27 pm will need to be
escorted in to the office or out to the vehicle
by a responsible adult.
A few dress code reminders as the
weather gets nice. They CAN wear
sleeveless tops/dresses and thick
strap tank tops (2-3 fingers thick is
a good guideline). Shorts should be
an appropriate length (fingertip
length is a good guideline). NO
spaghetti strap tank tops or
dresses and NO flip flops.
A special “Thank you” to all our popcorn
helpers who volunteered this year. Our
students and staff appreciate your
Talent Show
Our students are very excited about their
talent show! This talent show assembly format
was very successful last year. The intent of
this show is to be run by students, for
students as a fun treat after all of the hard
work they have done this year. We have found
that we have all different talents that cover a
wide range of levels and this small student
audience is perfect for our students. If you
ordered a DVD, please know that the $5 paid
was a donation to cover the cost of the DVDs
and the recording. We thank you so much for
your support in helping students prepare and
encouraging them to participate.
For families new to BTS
Please pass along…
The School of Choice” window is open for the 2015-16 school year. Applications are available on the
BTS home page. Current “School of Choice” students DO NOT need to fill out an application.
Registration takes place at Bangor Edison on Midland Rd.
Debbie Craves – Office Professional