job description - Beamont Collegiate Academy

Generic Job Description for TLR2 – Pastoral Leadership
Job Description:
Progress Leader
TLR 2 (pro-rata)
Overall Role and Remit
To maximise the achievement of students in an assigned Year Group against
national and locally agreed benchmarked targets.
To maximise the attendance and punctuality.
To minimise the impact of negative socio influences on an assigned year
To oversee the delivery, quality of teaching and learning and the impact of
dedicated pastoral (form) time in the academy.
To co-ordinate the collation, formal recording and celebration of student
To maximise the progression into the next stage of education of an assigned
year group.
To line manage all the teaching and support staff in an assigned Year Group.
To lead a house promoting a team ethos, competition, praise and reward.
To manage students’ behaviour across the year group ensuring effective
systems of reward and sanction are routinely used
To create a positive ethos in the year group, promoted through a clear system
of praise and reward.
Responsible to:
Designated member of Leadership Team
Principles of Leadership and Management at Beamont Collegiate Academy
Aspects of leadership (Ofsted Framework 2003) which would apply to teachers with
leadership and management responsibilities include:
 Maintaining clear vision, purpose and high expectations, focused on students’
 Maintaining strategic planning for the subject, team or department co-ordinated
with the Academy Development Plan;
 Inspiring motivating and influencing staff and students;
 Creating effective teamwork;
 Providing knowledgeable and innovative leadership of teaching and the
 Commitment to running an equitable and inclusive provision in the subject,
team or department;
 Providing a good role model for other staff and students.
Aspects of management which would apply to teachers with leadership and
management responsibilities include:
 Undertaking rigorous self-evaluation and using the findings effectively;
Monitoring of performance data, reviewing patterns and taking appropriate
Using the performance management of staff to bring about improvement;
Showing a clear commitment to staff development;
Deploying staff effectively and assisting them in managing their workload;
Using financial and resource management effectively to support the
achievement of academy aims.
Additional Duties
Any other duty deemed reasonable, as directed by the Principal.
Generic Responsibilities of all Staff at Beamont Collegiate Academy
a) To work consistently to uphold the academy’s aims.
b) To work in a co-operative and polite manner with all stakeholders.
c) To work with students in a courteous, positive, caring and responsible manner
at all times.
d) To take an active and positive role in the academy’s commitment to the
development of staff, and their annual review procedures.
e) To work with visitors to the academy in such a way that it enhances the
reputation of the academy and the promotion of its good name within the
f) To seek to improve the quality of the academy’s service.
g) To present oneself in a professional way that is consistent with the values and
expectations to the academy.
h) To take responsibility for the academic and pastoral oversight of the students in
a tutor group when required to do so.
i) To carry out a share of the supervisory duties in accordance with published
j) To support the academy where appropriate with extra-curricular and community