GCNR 2015 - Fellowship Host Flyer copy

August 10-13, 2015
Gianneschi Fellowship
Nonprofit Leadership
Fellowship Host Organization Application
The 2015 Gianneschi Fellowship in Nonprofit
About Your Organization - Link to your webpage
Leadership is designed to jumpstart the nonprofit career Fellowship Title - Event Coordinator, Analyst, etc.
of a graduating student by providing them a paid summer
employment opportunity. The fellowship will be awarded to Fellowship Description - Fellow’s duties or project
one student who will receive a $1,500 award. The host
Required Skills - Data analysis, languages, writing
nonprofit agency employing the student will receive a
Schedule - Expected workdays and hours
$1,000 stipend.
If you have questions call Dr. Susan Cadwallader (657)
278-7565. To apply to host a Fellow, please send an email
directly to [email protected] with the
following information:
Supervisor - Primary work contact
Location - Primary work site
Application Deadline - May 8, 2015