2015 Youth Cake Competition Application Theme is: “ My favorite

2015 Youth Cake Competition Application
The competition is open to all young aspiring cake decorators from the age of 10 to
18 years of age. The breakdown of age categories are: 10-13, 13-16 and 16-18. Note:
If your last birthday was 10 years of age you will be classified in the 10 - 13 division.
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Age Group
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10 to 13
13 to 16
16 to 18
Theme is: “ My favorite vacation memory”
Competitors are required to decorate a cake of their choice made of Styrofoam, covered on the outside with edible materials ONLY (i.e., fondant,
modeling chocolate, etc ) All decorations on the cake MUST be handmade, including flowers, foliage and /or figurines. Commercially produced
decorations will be judged accordingly. The cake must not exceed 18” high from the bottom of the cake to the top with a base not to exceed
14.Only Satin Ice fondant or Satin Ice Gum paste can be used. The tables are 6 feet in length x 2 feet wide, and will be covered and pre skirted in
white for uniformity. No removing, alterations or additions will be allowed to the existing table cloths and skirting. There will be (4) four cakes
placed on each table. The judges reserve the right to remove or disqualify any entry they feel is violating the rules or is not to the required standards. The judges’ decisions will be final. Should a competitor need feedback or a critique on their entry the judges will be available after the
judging process has been completed. All cakes must be set up by the time indicated above, at the end of that time all work must stop and the
area cleared for prompt judging. Cakes must remain on exhibit for the duration of the event, until show closing, on September 20.2015 at 4:00
pm. At that time it will be the responsibility of each competitor to remove their cakes. Should it not be removed at that time, it will be disposed
of by the Convention Center’s maintenance crew. Awards will be given out during the awards ceremony. Each entry must be the sole work of the
person on the entry form. The organizers have the right to use photographs taken of competitor's displays for commercial purposes.
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Show Management
Faith Ferguson Productions, Inc.
ATTN: Faith Ferguson
7 Blanchard Drive
Warwick, NY 10990
Tel: 845.986.3424| Fax: 845.987. 7152
Email: [email protected]
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