Individual and creative floor design with nora

nora® floorcoverings
made of rubber –
leading worldwide
and creative
floor design with
nora® inlays
PVC free
Fire the imagination, realise design ideas:
nora® inlays and customer specific
design solutions
Floorcoverings are an important element for intelligent space design.
They give space personality and fill it with life.
Thus their individual matching to the people
who use them is of utmost importance:
in functionality and aesthetics.
No matter whether they provide
orientation for the elderly, stimulate
the imagination of children, develop and structure areas or skilfully
set signals – inlays or design elements from the comprehensive range of
nora® rubber floorcoverings open up unlimited options for you …
Planet of Visions, EXPO 2000, Hannover
The harmony of aesthetics and functionality –
on the basis of the versatile material rubber
nora® floorcoverings made of the
fascinating material rubber offer the
best requisites to implement quality,
comfort, and style on the highest
level at the same time:
Unlimited creative design
surfaces rich in character
aesthetic designs
broad colour spectrum
excellent possibility to combine
colours, designs, and surfaces
Economic use and
extraordinary durability
I extraordinary wear-resistance and
an extremely long life
I dimensionally stable, no joint
sealing required
I permanently resilient
I excellent anti-slip properties
I economic cleaning without coating
Future-oriented environmental
I high-quality raw materials
I no PVC, plasticizers (phthalates)
or halogens (e.g. chlorine)
I safety in case of fire
I processing with eco-compatible
Create extraordinary design worlds –
with inlays based on our patterns
or compositions as you like
Anything is possible
The dimensionally stable nora®
floorcoverings normally do not need
to be joint-sealed. They are thus the
ideal solution for the implementation
of inlay designs:
Corporate design components such
as logos or colours, orientation systems
with floor-markings and meeting
points, demanding, comprehensive
design concepts, or simply decorative
Service from A to Z
Your individual inlay motif
I We process any models provided
by you: Images, drawings or
image files, and generate
CAD-capable files from them.
I dxf or dwg files provided by you
can be directly processed and
save programming costs.
I Naturally, we will support you in
the design and preparation of
your models.
I The inlays are cut from nora®
floorcoverings using our highprecision ultrasound cutting
nora® standard motifs:
I We offer numerous standard
motifs under
I On our website, you can
interactively set your desired
colour combination.
I We deliver your inlays pre-assembled and ready for laying.
I Large inlays are accompanied by a detailed laying plan.
I If need be, you can always rely on the support of our floor
layers and our assistance.
On the following pages, we would like to present some examples
from a variety of options:
High-class interior design – the staging of individual
Kids Corner – imaginative, colourful children’s worlds
Information and guiding with a system – functional
signs and symbols
High-class interior design –
the staging of individual
You compose and we play on
the fine-tuned nora® clavier.
This is how design concepts
with a very personal touch
become reality:
As for example during the
renovation of the director’s
floor of the shoe empire of
Bata with the reproduction of
an over 70 years old mosaic
design in three-coloured
The true impression can
only be created on site
An extraordinary floor design which develops and
structures the area requires creativity as well as
detailed concept planning.
We will naturally give you advice on site before
the concrete implementation and support you in the
pattern planning. Our service package also includes
the calculation of the required floorcovering quantity,
the cutting of individual tile formats or the realisation
of an economic implementation.
Try us …
Kids Corner –
Prepare the stage
for the gleam in the
children’s eyes’:
by a small world
full of unlimited,
colourful imagination.
Thanks to design
inlay motifs, the floor
not only becomes a
basis but a material
element of friendship,
play, fun, and suspense.
As you like it
The nora® portfolio offers a broad spectrum of trendy colours and designs with which you can raise the
heartbeat of children in kindergartens, schools, children’s hospitals, and toy shops.
For these designs, you can simply use existing motifs from our Design Centre or, of course, your own creations.
Examples of existing
motifs from our
Design Centre
You will find these examples on
our homepage
Information and
guiding with a system:
functional signs
and symbols
With informative pictographs, signs and indications in
the form of inlays, your floorcovering receives valuable
additional meaning apart from its attractive visual
appearance: the designs assume a function.
You are thus able to give internationally recognizable
organisation and guiding assistance by designing
known symbols with nora® floorcoverings.
Quickly available and
well-priced? Of course!
On these pages, you will see a number of
already existing signs and symbols from
our inlay design and cut centre.
Please visit our homepage for an interactive
composition of other colour and design
The development and realisation of further
motifs as well as the implementation of
your individual creations are, of course,
also part of our nora® service package.
Simply call us by phone or send us
an e-mail.
Phone: +49/62 01/80-66 33
[email protected]
Aesthetic, individual, and functional:
The representation of various ocean depths
with nora® floorcoverings in the Übersee museum
in Bremen.
For detailed product information on nora®
floorcoverings, please request your copy of:
I Assortment brochure
nora® floorcoverings
made of rubber –
leading worldwide
I Environmental brochure
nora® floorcoverings
made of rubber –
leading worldwide
compatibility –
a dialogue
Free of PVC
Industrial Park Weinheim
Free of PVC
nora systems GmbH develops, produces,
and markets highly resilient floorings made of
rubber – as well as shoe components – under
the brand name nora®. The company has
more than 900 employees and had sales of
165.7 million € in 2007.
Just about everyone has probably already stood
on nora® products, whether in their own shoes
or on floorings. After all, they can be found in
kindergartens and universities, hospitals and
airports, production halls, warehouses, and
office buildings, trains, streetcars, and ships,
stores and shopping centers, and on many
other surfaces as well.
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be used only with its prior written approval.
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