State Name: Pennsylvania

State Implementation Program
Phase 3
Areas of Focus:
• Leadership
• Diversity
• Data
Donna A. DeBlois
Project Director
[email protected]
Lynne M. Gagnon
Project Director
[email protected]
Expanding opportunities for nurses to
lead collaborative improvement efforts
in Maine and improving nursingworkforce data
Project Plans:
The Maine Nursing Action Coalition will implement a new project to
develop leadership in the state. A statewide survey would
determine baselines. The applicant proposes to increase nurse
board placements by at least 10 individuals from traditionally underrepresented groups. A leadership program will be disseminated
and a mentoring program will be implemented. In addition, training
or recognition programs focused on new nurse leaders will be
evaluated and one will be selected and promoted. Diversity
strategies for success will be identified with a target of increasing
the number of males and younger persons in leadership roles.
The applicant also plans to conduct data analysis to forecast
Maine's nursing workforce demand for the next decade. The
forecast will guide development of a strategic plan to address
workforce needs