Dear Nicola,

21/03/2012 04:59:50 PM
Feedback; ACSQHC Goals [SEC=No Protective Marking]
Dear Nicola,
Apologies for taking such a long time to provide feedback to you on the ACSQHC Australian
Safety & Quality Goals for Health Care. There were few comments from the ACI Cardiac
Network and I suspect that this may be because people have had an opportunity to review the
document through other avenues. The comments provided are;
1 There perhaps should be something in there re National database of cardiac procedures (PCI,
EPS etc) funded by government to assess quality
2 Chronic heart failure is an omission.
I have read the document and provided comment in the page attached.
If you have any queries relating to this feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me on the
numbers below.
Kind regards,
Bridie Carr
It would be useful to have an Executive Summary for those wish to have an overview of the
 Self management OR self-management
 3,000 Or 3000
Page 1; 2nd paragraph
P3; par 3; line 5
P6; par 1; line 3
P8; dot points
P9;2; Box 2
P9; 2; Box 5
P9; Box 1
P12; Defining the Problem
P13; par 6
P14; par 6; line 4
P15; par 2; line 3
P15; Medication continuity; 3rd dot point
P15; Patient based strategies; 1st dot point
P15; Patient based strategies; last 2 lines
P16; Safety and Quality Issues; 3rd dot
P16; Safety and Quality Issues; 6th dot point
P17; Table 2
P19; par 1
Perhaps add linkages to the 4 pillars ie ACI, BHI,
Sentence ends in ‘should’. Would be better to
reword ….and patients do not always receive
optimal care.
Suggest use the term ‘clinical experts’ rather than
topic experts. Were pharmacists involved in the
consultation process?
What is the difference between the term patient
and consumer? It would be better to use one term
or the other. In some circles the use of the term
‘patient’ is viewed negatively.
Add evidence-based care
Important that there is a feedback loop to ‘front
line staff’. Any education needs to be ongoing.
Will you be working with Non-Government
Organisations? Will there be any mandatory
Healthcare system – Are you using Health Care
elsewhere ie use as 1 or 2 words throughout
Data from 1990s? Is there nothing more recent
than this? Are there any Australian studies?
What is a ‘well-labeled syringe’?
? experiment. Do you mean research?
Write ….as previously described (remove as
described above.
Not all patients are willing or able to self monitor
and/or manage.
What does the literature say about health literacy
and health outcomes?
? replace the word Misuse. The example given is
for Compliance which a different matter.
What is a therapeutic index?
Australia – add year. Are there no data on
mortality and annual monetary costs?
A national database which incorporates data from
the community, gp, private rooms and hospital
across both the public and private sector is
Feedback; ACSQHC Safety & Quality Goals for Health Care Consultation Paper 21 March, 2012 The electronic medical record will facilitate
communication and lead to improved patient
outcomes, however, it will not link to non-acute
services. Accurate analysis and reporting of data
is required for this system and mandatory KPIs
are an essential requirement that should be in the
performance agreements for Chief Executives.
P19; par 2; 4th line
P20; Impacts o Patients & Health System;
par 2; lines 3 & 4
P21; par 2
P22; par 3; line 4
P22; Impact on Patients & Health Care
System; par 3; line 3
P23; Safety & Quality Issues
P24; par 1
P24; par 3; line 3
Delete ‘In addition’ as this does not link to
previous sentence.
Suggest reword re ‘life threatening’ diseases.
Are there any more up-to-date references?
Do you mean high blood pressure.
Guidelines and guide – suggest reword.
Who is the audience for this document? Use
either heart attack or myocardial infarction.
Which year was the CONCORDANCE data
Referral rates vary significantly – Are the
hospitals national or just NSW?
Question 4
Specific targets should only be attached to goals if they can be effectively monitored and
reported on.
Question 9
Comprehensive data systems (linking community, gp, private rooms and hospital) in both public
and private systems would facilitate data sharing, support patient management and result in
improved health outcomes.
Feedback; ACSQHC Safety & Quality Goals for Health Care Consultation Paper 21 March, 2012