Making sales via online platforms

Making sales via online platforms
With so many powerful platforms at your disposal, it’s a wise idea to list your products and
services on them and make sales in the UK, and across the globe. Whether selling homemade
crafts or business concepts, there are a number of options.
Alibaba - Having a presence on this site enables you to
buy and sell with, and source supplies from, companies
across the globe. The site has visitors from 240 countries
and regions, with over 1 million registered users in the UK.
Through the site you can locate suppliers or make sales of
your finished product direct to customers. Alibaba is a
champion of international trade; carrying out research on
the topic, providing a platform for traders to interact, and
promoting overseas sales as a form of business that is
wholly viable, regardless of company size.
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Amazon Marketplace - You may be used to buying
from Amazon, but have you considered the site as a
platform from which to sell? Have your products appear
before millions of customers all around the world by signing
up to Amazon Marketplace. It offers two sales options: a
package for casual sellers who expect to sell less than 35
items a month (a fixed fee per sale plus a referral fee), and,
for more seasoned sellers, there is the ‘sell a lot’ package,
which has a monthly charge plus a referral fee for unlimited
sales that do not have to be in the Amazon catalogue.
eBay - In 2012 there were 190,000 registered businesses
trading on eBay in the UK, generating billions of poundsworth of sales. Having a store on eBay means you are
opened up to an international audience and a lot of
potential customers.
Etsy - With its tag line ‘Your place to buy and sell all
things handmade’ this is still the mother of all craft sites.
Since the company launched in June 2005, more than
500,000 sellers from around the world have opened up
Etsy shops and buyers of Etsy-listed products span more
than 150 countries.
To start selling on Etsy you need to register for an account
(this requires a credit card and valid email address for
verification purposes) and then it costs 20 cents to list an
item for four months. When your item sells, you pay a 3.5%
transaction fee. For anyone who makes handmade items,
the power of this global platform cannot be denied.
With more than 30 million users in the UK, a significant
number of your present and potential customers spend
time on Facebook every single day. If your business isn’t
there, it’s missing out. Countless small business owners in
the UK use Facebook to quickly and cost-effectively grow
their company. The easiest way to start is through having
an effective Facebook Page. Learn how to do this step by
step in the free guide Boost your Business with Facebook,
which also shows how to connect with new fans and make
the most of Facebook ads.
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If you are a creator of audiobooks, a publisher of podcasts
or developer of apps, then the iTunes platform is your
route to market. For apps, Apple gives 70% of revenues to
the seller. As of July 2011 over 15 billion apps had been
downloaded from its App Store, making it the world’s
largest mobile application platform. Become a registered
Apple developer for the iPhone (
iphone) submit audio books to iTunes via
( and create iBooks for the iPad through
the iBookstore. Apple is opening up a world of
opportunity for content creators and app developers.
Enterprise Nation Directory
Business support company Enterprise Nation has
launched its own business directory to help its members
promote their products and services. Members get extra
exposure in the directory, on the Enterprise Nation
website, on Google, Twitter and Facebook. It’s a great
way to announce your start-up to a friendly business
community – and connect with other small businesses too.
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