Rotary International District 3131 Governor’s Monthly Letter
Rtn. Vilas Jagtap
District Governor 2008-09
Rtn. Dong Kum Lee
R.I. President 2008-09
August 2008
DG's Message
Fellow Rotarians, Anns and Friends of Rotary,
Congratulations for successfully completing 1st month of new
Rotary year. July is always a month of change of guards and
celebrations. Attending and presiding over the installations of
new presidents and their BODs were the order of the day. A
month full of enthusiasm, happiness and charm. A month of
appreciation, recognition, awards and rewards. A month full of
hope, to look into future and dream. A month to make plans and
prepare for the actions to Make Dreams Real. A month to
dream, enjoy and celebrate. As usual, July has come and gone
and now we have entered the 2nd month of the year. A month
of growth. A month to bring human resources to Rotary. A
month of Membership Development and expansion of Rotary.
Installation Ceremony
1st District fellowship Meet
1st District fellowship Meet
To propose and bring a new member to Rotary is the need of the
hour. On July 1st, according information available to me, we
have 84 active clubs and 3343 Rotarians. Since then, many clubs
must have added few more Rotarians but remember we need to
reach 4000 plus membership strength by the end of the year.
We need to add at least 5 more new clubs and reach a target of
15% Women in Rotary. It is possible because according survey
available, the eligible population, who can be Rotarians, in the
many parts of district has on the rise. Many new classifications
are available in the societies around us. It is important for us to
reach, ask, inform and then propose them.
Our President, Rtn. D. K. Lee, said and I quote, “In 2008-09, I will
ask Rotarians everywhere to focus on the most precious
resource of every community: our children”. We need trained
volunteers, fresh ideas, lots of addition energy to Make Dreams
for world's children. Once they are in, train them, orient them
and convert them into dedicated Rotarians. We are
professionals and know the importance of a trained employee.
We also aware that the “growth” is the only indicator of a
healthy, wealthy and strong organization.
For me, membership is a continuous process. One should not
only think about it in the month of August but make all out
efforts throughout the year. Just ask yourselves a question,
“when did I last propose a member to my club?” If you have
already did it, thank you very much but repeat the act every now
and then.
Membership Development Programme
Proposing a new member is a sacred duty of each member and
God may bless you for doing it again and again. Remember
Member and remember that somebody some time ago
proposed you and made all the difference in your life. Why don't
you make a real difference in the lives of some of your friends by
introducing them to our beautiful and wonderful organization?
I know you can do it and in the end, we all shall be winner.
Yours in Rotary,
Membership Development Programme
Vilas Jagtap
Effective 01 September 2008, the RI
Exchange Rate Stands revised from
US$1 = INR 42.00 to INR 43.00
Special recognition for Membership
growth announced by RIP LEE
To encourage clubs and districts to take action to increase
membership, RIP Lee has developed a new membership recognition
program. During 2008-09, clubs that achieve
a 10 percent net increase in membership will
receive a certificate signed by the president.
At the district level, gaining two new clubs
and a 10 percent net membership increase
must be reached.
The 10 clubs and districts with the highest
percentage net membership increase will be
recognized on stage at the 2009 RI Convention in Birmingham,
England. To ensure recognition, clubs should update membership
information via Member Access by 15 May. RI membership
database numbers will be used to determine achievement.
Rtn. Dong Kurn (D.K.) Lee
President, Rotary International, 2008-09
"Remember Membership is the responsibility of each of us. Every
one of us has an obligation to keep Rotary strong, active and
growing. If we hope to Make Dreams Real for the world's children in
a meaningful and lasting way, we must ensure a new generation of
Rotarians to continue our work."
News from RI Head-office
The 2008-09 Nominating Committee for President of Rotary
International in 2010-11, having functioned in accordance with the
bylaws of Rotary International, has indicated that it unanimously
nominated: Ray Klinginsmith of the Rotary Club of Kirksville,
Missouri, USA for the office of President of Rotary International for
the year 2010-11. Biographical information for Rotarian
Klinginsmith is available on the RI Web site and in the next issue of
the Rotary World.
Information Resources for 2008-09 Club
Presidents and Secretaries
Are you aware that Club and District Support (CDS) staff serve as
your primary contact at Rotary?
Staff can answer any question about Rotary as well as provide advice
on club elections, constitutional matters, club traditions and
customs, club operations, and RI Board policy. Below are some
important web resources to assist in leading and supporting your
club in the year ahead.
Learn the names and contact information of your CDS team
members by using this web link:
Review a list of helpful resources for club presidents and
secretaries prepared by CDS:
Make changes to your club's membership records at RI,
reference various Rotary Foundation reports, pay your club's
dues, and report next year's club officers using Member Access.
Full instructions, helpful suggestions and frequently asked
questions (FAQ) are found at:
l Find helpful club publications, audiovisuals, forms and supplies:
l Use the Club Presidents' Checklist, a monthly calendar for both
presidents and presidents-elect, with reminders of club and
district functions, as well as RI and Rotary Foundation deadlines:
l Consider adopting the Club Leadership Plan - a strategic
planning tool based on the best practices of actual Rotary clubs:
Rotary staff looks forward to working with you and supporting your
club's service efforts. Be sure to contact your CDS representative
whenever you need assistance.
TRF News
The Group study exchange program of The Rotary Foundation for
the year 2008-09 has been announced. DRFC, PDG Dr Madhav
Borate and Director of Educational Programs, PP Subhas Sanzgiri
send greetings to all clubs on behalf of district governor Rtn Vilas
Jagtap and hope that your active participation will make this year's
exchange a most fruitful exercise for you and the community.
The district committee expects your club to publicise this program
in the community. District will advertise in local newspapers in your
area sufficiently well to assist you to get the best talent to apply to
your club. You need not advertise separately but you are
encouraged to contact institutions to get the best candidates. You
are requested to go to our district website
and get all relevant information.
Your Club can recommend ONE candidate to the district for Team
member and ONE Rotarian member of your club for Team Leader.
The Application forms can be downloaded from Rotary
International website or from district website.
Along with each completed application (Team Leader and Team
Member) please enclose a separate DD for Rs1000(Rs2000 for 2
applications) in the name of The Rotary Foundation District 3131 .
The exchange this year is with US District 6250 covering Western
Wisconsin and Southeastern Minnesota. The team member
selected will be in the age group 25-40 years, fully occupied in
business or profession of any kind and in early part of professional
career so that he/she may benefit from observing
business/profession as practiced in host country. Team leader
candidate should be a past president of your club and selected by
the board of directors of your club with approval of the general body
in any weekly meeting of the club. The Team leaves in April 2009.
The team members will be provided most economical air fare by
The Rotary foundation, Meals , lodging and transport are taken care
of by Rotarians in host district .
Please note these important datesAdvertisement in local Newspapers Last week of August 2008
Clubs to start receiving applications
from 10th September 2008
Clubs to select the candidates - 30th September 2008
Last date for receipt of club recommendation 15th October 2008
Interview of Team Leader Candidates26-10-2008 at Pune
Interview of Team Member Candidates09-11-2008 at Pune
First Lady
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GML Mm XoIrb hmM hoVw Amho. hm Amnë`m {S>ñQ´>rŠQ>Mm Amagm Amho. R-Lead
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Vo{h H$idm.
Va ^oQy> `m nwT>À`m _{hÝ`mV.
Documentation & Support Committee
Attn. Club Officers ! District Officers!!
Projects & Activities Reports
Clubs - July 2008 to March 2009 : Every 15th of a month
for previous month. April to June 2009 : April report and
projected reports of May & June by 15th May 2009.
District - Immediate after activity.
Suggested format Club activities
Suggested format District activities
Project Name :
Project Chairman :
Programme / Event :
Contact No.:
Period of Execution : from
Beneficiary Community:
No of persons benefitted:
Amount Budgeted for the Project :
Actual Expenditure for the Project:
Involvement of Rotary Family :
Rotarians, Anns, Partners in
Host :
Highlights & Description:
Venue :
Delegates Present :
Highlights & Description:
Additional page for description if required, Video Clippings,
Photos, Literature, Press Cuttings etc. and send it to P.P. Rtn
Vija Raikar, C/O S.J. Advertising Services, 1st Floor 73/3/16
Bhakti Marg, Law College Road, Pune 411 004.
Email - [email protected]
Fax - 020-25441343
(Soft Copy - Format A. Pictures - jpeg / tiff
B. Text - word Document)
nXJ«hU g_ma§^
àm§Vnmb amo. {dbmg OJVmn amo. {S>. 3131
nmdgmù`mVrb gwIX² Jmadm ! {ZgJm©À`m {haì`m {haì`m {hadmB©Vrb
àgÞ dmVmdaU ! Aem aå` dmVmdaUmV IS>H$sÀ`m qg~m`mogrgÀ`m hm°b
_Ü`o àm§Vnmb amo. {dbmg OJVmn øm§Mm nXJ«hU g_ma§^ 1 Owb¡ 2008
amoOr g§Ü`mH$mir 7 dmOVm g§nÞ Pmbm. amo. Šb~ Am°\$ qghJS>À`m
g^mgXm§Mr bJ~J Mmbbr hmoVr. nwéfm§Zr a§JrV \o$Q>o ~m§Ybo hmoVo, A°Z²g d
_hrbm amoQ>o. ZQy>Z WQy>Z gh^mJr Pmë`m hmoË`m, Ë`m_wio a§JmV a§JyZ
g_ma§^mMo dmVmdaU a§J{~a§Jr d àgÞ Pmbo hmoVo.
amo. {S>ñQ´>rŠQ> 3130 À`m X¡{Xß`_mZ eodQ>À`m dfm©Mr gm§JVm Am{U
amo. {S>ñQ´>rŠQ> 3131 À`m n{hë`m dfm©Mr _whyV©_oT> Aem AmJù`m doJù`m
g_ma§^mMr gwédmV JUoe d§XZoZo Pmbr. Z§Va Am`². nr. S>r. Or. {dZ`
Am{U aí_r, {S>.Or. {dbmg Am{U {Z{b_m, AÜ`j nr. S>r.Or. dm`². nr.
Xmg d à_wI nmhþUo H$Z©b b{bV am` `m§Mo ào{gS>|Q> gwYra øm§Zr ñQ>oOda
ñdmJV Ho$bo. àojH$mV _moR>çm g§»`oZo _mOr {S>ñQ´>rŠQ> JìhZ©ag© CnpñWV
hmoVo. nwT>rb dfmªMo {ZdSy>Z Ambobo {S>ñQ´>rŠQ> JìhZ©am§Mm gh^mJ hmoVm.
BVa Amá-ñd{H$` CnpñWV hmoVo. amo. {dbmg OJVmn øm§Mo AmB©-d{S>b,
\$ñQ>© boS>r {Zbr_m§Mo d{S>b øm§Mr Amerdm©X XoÊ`mg Agbobr CnpñWVr
gwIX² hmoVr.
ào{gS>|Q> gwYra øm§Zr amoQ>ar Šb~ qghJS> (Host Club) ~Ôb _mhrVr
gm§{JVbr. øm dfu Ë`m§À`m Šb~Zo XmoZ Q´>m°\$sO Am{U ZD$ A°dm©S>
qOH$ë`mMo gm§{JVbo ! A{^Z§XZ ! Z§Va _mdiVo ào{gS>|Q> gwYra øm§Zr
Šb~Mr Ywam ào{gS>|Q> {dbmg nmR>H$ øm§À`mH$S>o H$m°ba EŠgM|O H$éZ
gmondbr. Ë`mZ§Va Šb~À`m Z{dZ goH«o$Q>ar d ~moS>© Am°\$ S>m`aoŠQ>ag² Mo
nXJ«hU Pmbo.
Amnë`m ^mfUmV ào{g. {dbmg nmR>H$ `m§Zr àm§Vnmb {dbmg OJVmn
~amo~a EH$Ì H$m_ H$am`bm AmdS>ob Ago gm§{JVbo. "" V '' \$m°a
ìhrŠQ>ar'' Amåhr XmoKo ({dbmg) V {_iyZ Šb~ d {S>ñQ´>rŠQ>Mo H$m_
`eñdr[aË`m H$é Ago AmœmgZ {Xbo. Ë`mM~amo~a _hm~ioœaMr
H$m°Z\$aÝg d eodQ>Mo A°dm°S>© \§$ŠeZ CÎm_ [aVrZo d Zm{dÝ`nyU© H$é.
{S>ñQ´>rŠQ> _Ü`o {OWo H$_r {VWo Amåhr Agy ! Amnë`m amoQ>ar {S>ñQ´>rŠQ>bm
{S>. Or. XoUmam Am_Mm gdm©V `§JoñQ> Šb~ Amho. Ë`mZ§Va, H${d, JrVH$ma
g§Xrn Iao øm§Zm qghJS> Šb~Mo "_mZX' gXñ`Ëd XoÊ`mV Ambo. Ë`m
Z§Va amo. {dOm am`H$aZo Z{dZ àm§Vnmb amo {dbmg OJVmn øm§Mr nm°da
nm°B©Q> àmoOoŠeZÀ`m gmømZo CÎm_ AmoiI H$éZ {Xbr.
àm§Vnmb amo. {dbmg 1971 gmbr nyZm gmD$WÀ`m amoQ´>°ŠQ> Šb~Mo
g^mgX Pmbo. 1980-81 gmbr amoQ´>°ŠQ >ào{gS>|Q> Pmbo. amoQ>arV
qghJS>Šb~ _Ü`o {d{dY nX^ma g§^miyZ AmO Vo àm§Vnmbm§À`m nXmda
AmhoV. amo. {dbmg OJVmn øm§Mo AmOmo~m ñdmV§Í`g¡{ZH$ hmoVo Ë`m_wio
g_mOgodoMo ~miH$Sy> Ë`m§Zm bhmZnUrM {_imbo Amho. amo. {dbmg, ~m~m
Am_Q>o, ñdm_r {ddoH$mZ§X øm§Zm Amnbo AmXe© _mZVmV. bhmZnUr Vo
emioÀ`m gwÅ>rV ~m~m Am_Q>çm§À`m Aml_mV ahm`bm OmV AgV. Ago
doJioM ZoV¥Ëd `§Xm Amnë`m {S>ñQ´>rŠQ 3131 bm bm^bo Amho !
Á`m doioMr AmnU AmVwaVoZo dmQ> nhmV hmoVmo Vr doi Ambr ! {S>ñQ´>rŠQ>
3130 Mo _mdiË`m {S>. Or. {dZ`Zo, ZdrZ {S>ñQ´>rŠQ> 3131 àm§Vnmb
{dbmg OJVmnm§Zm H$m°ba d nrZ XoD$Z Ë`m§Mo ñdmJV Ho$bo. \$ñQ>© bo{S>
aí_r Zo {S>. 3131 À`m \$ñQ>© bo{S> {Z{b_mbm ^oQ>dñVy XoD$Z ñdmJV
Ho$bo !
gyÌg§MmbH$ amo. a{d amOoH$a åhUmbo {S>ñQ´>rŠQ> 3130 Mo n{hbo
àm§Vnmb amo. H$ë`mU dX} øm§Zr {S>pñQ´>ŠQ>bm ^¸$_ nm`m {Xbm d nwT>À`m
22 àm§Vnmbm§Zr amoQ>arMr à{V_m C§MmdV Zobr Am{U eodQ>Mo àm§Vnmb amo.
{dZ`Zo Ë`mda H$igM MT>dbm ! Joë`m dfu amo. {dZ`Zo EH$Q>çmZo 1 H$moQ>r
é \$mD§$S>oeZbm {Xbo ! Ë`m~Ôb gdmªZr Ë`m§Mo A{^Z§XZ Ho$bo !
Am`. nr. S>r. Or. {dZ`Zo Joë`m dfm©Mm AmT>mdm Amnë`m ^mfUmV
KoVbm. Vo åhUmbo Amnë`m dfm©V 15% _|~aern J«moW Pmbr. 2 g§nyU©
dfm©V 18 nãbrHo$eZg² Ho$br. Ë`m§Zr EH$ N>mZ H$ënZm àË`jmV AmUbr.
amo. {S>ñQ´>rŠQ> 3130 Mm 24 dfm©Mm {d{dY Šb~Mm B{Vhmg Á`m
nwñVH$mV {bhrbm Amho Ago "" Hw$bd¥Vm§V'' ZmdmMo nwñVH$ à{gÜX Ho$bo !
VgoM {dZ`À`m dfu {S>. 3130 Zo Ama. Am`. \$mD§$S>oeZbm 8 bmI
75 hOma S>m°bg© {Xbo. EH§$Xa df© CÎm_ Joë`m~Ôb amo. {dZ`Zo gJù`m§Mo
Am^ma _mZbo.
Z§Va EH$ gaàmB©O hmoVo ! {S>.Or.EZ. {XnH$ nwamohrV d à_moX OoOwarH$a
øm§Zr {S>pñQ´>ŠQ> JìhZ©a H$nbgmR>r EH$ A°dmS>© Omhra Ho$bo. ""amoQ>ar
EŠgbÝg A°dmS>©'' ho A°dmS>© {S>.Or. {dbmgÀ`m hñVo Am`. nr. S>r. Or.
{dZ` d \$ñQ>© bo{S> aí_rbm XoÊ`mV Ambo. Ago A°dmS>© àW_M {Xbo Jobo.
{H$Vr N>mZ H$ënZm !
Ë`mZ§Va {S>. Or. {dbmgZr nwUo {dÚmnrR>mMo Hw$bJwé lr. Za|Ð OmYd
øm§Mo ñdmJV H$éZ Ë`m§À`m g_W© ^maV `moOZoV amoQ>ar {S>ñQ´>rŠQ> 3131
AmZ§XmZo gh^mJr Agë`mMo Omhra Ho$bo. hr dfm©Mr gwadmV N>mZM Pmbr !
Z§Va Ë`m§Zr R-Lead Mr `moOZm d Ë`mMo _hËd gm§{JVbo. {S>. Or. {dbmg
øm§Zr CË\w$V© ^mfU Ho$bo. Ë`m§Zr Amnë`m ^mfUmV Amnbo nwT>À`m dfuMo
Ü`o` Am{U H$ënZm gm§{JVë`m nwT>Mo df© gdmªZr {_iyZ g§ñ_aUr` H$é
Ago AmdmhZ Ho$bo. Amnë`m `§XmÀ` ~«rX dmŠ`mMo (Make Dreams Real)
_hËd gm§JyZ ñdßZ gmH$ma H$aÊ`mgmR>r gJù`m§Zm àmoËgmhZ {Xbo. Ë`m§Zr
eodQ>r gJù`m§À`m gh^mJm~Ôb d _XVr~Ôb Am^ma _mZbo.
Ë`mZ§Va nr. {S>. Or. dm`. nr. Xmg øm§À`m hñVo GML d {S>ñQ´>rŠQ>
{S>aoŠQ>arMo àH$meZ Pmbo. S>r.Or.EZ. à_moX OoOwarH$a `m§Zr dm`.nr. Xmg
øm§Mr AmoiI H$éZ {Xbr. dm` nr Xmg `§Xm (RRFC of Zone 5 and 6A)
øm nmoñQ>da {ZdS>bo Jobo AmhoV. Amnbm {S>ñQ´>rŠQ> Ë`m§À`m H$joV Amho. amo.
Xmg øm§Zr Amnë`m ^mfUmV {d^mJë`m Joboë`m XmoÝhr {S>ñQ´>rŠQ> 3131
Am{U 3132 Mo ñdmJV Ho$bo d X¡{Xß`_mZ H$maH$s©Xr~Ôb {S>ñQ´>rŠQ>
3130 Mo nU A{^Z§XZ Ho$bo. {S>ñQ´>rŠQ> 3131 Mo àm§Vnmb {dbmg
Amnbo H$m`© Mm§Jbo H$éZ {S>ñQ´>rŠQ>bm C§Mmda ZoVrb Agm AmË_{dœmg
~mobyZ XmIdbm. {XnH$ {eH$manya `m§Zr à_wI nmhþUo d amo. {edmOrZJa Šb~Mo
_mZX gXñ` H$Z©b am` `m§Mm n[aM` H$éZ {Xbm. Ë`m doiog ~mobVmZm amo.
{XnH$ åhUmbo H$s H$Z©b am°` Zm H$maJrb dm°a _Ü`o '"draMH«$'' VgoM
''Bravest of Brave'' hm {H$Vm~ {_imbm. H$Z©b am` øm§Mm Bio-Data
\$maM Great Amho. Ë`mZ§Va H$Z©b am` øm§Zr BVHo$ N>mZ ^mfU Ho$bo H$s
gJir bmoH$ Ë`m§Mm AZw^d EoHy$Z W¸$ Pmbr ! Ë`m§Mo H$ma{Jb dm°aMo dU©Z
\$maM amo_hf©H$ hmoVo. Ë`m§Zm amoQ>ar `m gm_m{OH$ g§ñWo~Ôb bJoM
AmË_r`Vm {Z_m©U Pmbr. Vo åhUmbo "_r amoQ>arÀ`m 4 Way Test' à_mUoM
Am`wî` OJVmo. Vr qàgrnbg² A{Ve` AmXe© AmhoV.
amo. {dZ`Zo Amnbr amoQ>ar \$mD§$S>oeZ ~ÔbMr AmË_r`Vm d na§nam
Mmby R>odbr. gJù`m§Zm AmûM`©MH$sV H$éZ nwT>À`m dfugmR>r
nXJ«hU g_ma§^
\$mD§$S>oeZbm EH$ d¡`º$sH$ MoH$ {Xbm. {dZ` Vwåhr IaM J«oQ> AmhmV !
eodQ>r {S>.Or.B©. {XnH$ nwamohrV øm§Zr Am^ma àXe©Z Ho$bo. gJù`m
Am_§ÌrV bmoH$m§Zm ñdm{Xï> ^moOZmMm AmñdmX ¿`m`bm {dZ§Vr Ho$br.
gJù`m Mm§Jë`m Jmoï>tZm eodQ> AgVmoM ! g_ma§^mMo AmZ§Xr jU gmR>{dV
gd©OU AmZ§XmZo Kar Jobo.
Ia§M ! EH$m Mm§Jë`m {S>ñQ´>rŠQ>Mr gm§JVm d ZdrZ Amem AmH$m§jmMr,
{S>ñQ´>rŠQ>Mr gwadmV, Aem AZmo»`m gmohù`mÀ`m AmR>dUr Z¸$sM _ZmV
amhVrb !
A°Z gm¡. O`lr ~mnQ>, amo. Šb~, nwUo, JUoeqIS>
àm§Vnmb amo. Pw~rZ A_m[a`m amo. {S>. 3132
Z_ñH$ma _§S>ir !
Amnë`m DG {dbmgÀ`m Installation Z§Va Dist. 3132 Mo DG
Pw{~ZÀ`m Installation bm hOa amhÊ`mMm `moJ Ambm. (ho Ag§ Amnb§
åhUm`Mr nÕV Amho.) gmobmnyabm Amåhr gH$mir OmD$Z g§Ü`mH$mir
naV Ambmo. àW_ Pw{~ZÀ`m A{^_mZmñnX Home Club Mr _m{hVr
gm§JVo Am{U _J àË`j gmohmoù`mMo dU©Z!
gmobmnya Šb~Mm Pw{~Z hm gmVdm JìhZ©a! `m Šb~Mo _°pŠP__ Projects
ho Ongoing M AmhoV. CXm. Q>o~bQ>o{Zg ñnYm©, {¹$P for Students,
H$[aAa JmBS>Ýg B. WmoS>Š`mV H$m` Auto _moS> Q>mH$bobm hm Šb~ Amho.
nU Ë`mVhr Joë`m dfu ào. amO _{U`maZo ^anya Projects H$ê$Z Šb~À`m
{eanoMmV Vwam ImoMbm. (ho \$maM {_i{_irV nwñVH$s dU©Z Amho ~a§ H$m!)
Ia§ åhUOo 10,000 dfm©V Pmbm Zmhr Agm namH«$_ dJ¡ao. H$maU CËH¥$ð>
ào{gS>|Q> ghrV, CËH¥$ð> Šb~g{hV Dist. Mr Vã~b 16 A°dm°S>©g Šb~Zo
{_i{dbr AmhoV. Agmo.
Va Installation! EH$Va First Lady _§OyZo Amåhmbm gd© (~m`H$m§Zm)
Personally \$moÝg Ho$bo hmoVo. nrS>rOtMr CnpñWVr nU Mm§Jbr hmoVr. N>mZ
{_adUwH$sZo XUŠ`mV gwê$dmV H$ê$Z (gd© nrS>rOtgh) S>m`gda
ñWmZmnÞ Pmbmo. Šb~Mm ZdrZ ào{gS>|Q> amo. lr{Zdmg Xoenm§S>o Amho.
3132 Mm CJdVm Vmam Pw{~Z _yiMm Rotractor! VgoM Ë`mMr `mM
Šb~_Ü`o {Vgar {nT>r! 92 gmbr Ë`mZo amoQ>arV àdoe Ho$bm.
Eb.Am`.gr. À`m godoV Agbobm (Development Officer). n{hbmM
Am{U South Asia À`m 34 JìhZ©g©n¡H$s gdmªV d`mZo bhmZ! {edXmg
^mogbo JìhZ©a AgVmZmÀ`m Cops Mm _|~a hmoVm.
OwÝ`m O_mÝ`mVrb {ham°BZ gmaIr JmoS> {XgUmar _§Oy hr nU L.L.B.
(_yiMr nwÊ`mMr _§Oy S>moB©\$moS>o) emim MmbdVo, _{hbm XjVm g{_VrMr
_|~a Amho. Am{U AJXr CËgmhmMm IiIiVm Pam Amho.
S>rOr Pw{~ZZo Amnë`m ^mfUmV AmœmgZ {Xbo H$s, "_r _|~a{enMr
Strength dmT>doZ Am{U ŠbãO dmT>dÊ`mMo _Zmda KoB©Z. VgoM R.I.
President À`m gm§JÊ`mZwgma Child mortality da nU ^anya H$m_
Amnë`m gwaoI ^mfUmV à_wI nmhþUo PRIDR H$ë`mU ~°ZOvZr gm§{JVbo,
"brS>g©gmR>r 3 Jmoï>r Amdí`H$ AmhoV.
1) Acceptance (by others). 2) Style / Image Making. 3)
Successful Leadership.
{deof jU{MÌo Aer...
1) eoAa_mH}$Q> g_moaÀ`m "{~J ~wb'Mo {eënH$ma ^JdmZ am_nwao `m§Zr
AY©dQ> pñWVrVrb amo. H$ë`mU ~°ZOvMm AY©nwVim ñQ>oOda Ë`m§Zm
g_moa ~gdyZ nyU© Ho$bm.
2) gmobmnyaÀ`m _§S>itZr EH$m gwaoI W_m}H$mobÀ`m H$_imÀ`m
C_bÊ`mVyZ Am{U boPa {H$aUmVyZ 3132 Mr {Z{_©Vr ñQ>oOda
noe Ho$br.
3) GML Mo Zmd "ñdßZXyV' (_§OyZo gwM{dbo).
4) gm§JVm gmobmnyaMm à{gÕ Jm`H$ "amo. _h§_X Aæ`mP' `mÀ`m
OmoenyU© "gmWr hmW nS>mZm' `m JmÊ`mZo Pmbr.
5) 3132 À`m ^{dVì`m~Ôb AmnU H$miOrV AmhmoV Ë`mnojm Vo
amoQ>o[a`ÝgM gme§H$ AmhoV. nU _bm gm§Jm`bm AmZ§X dmQ>Vmo H$s,
EImXm goH§$S>ŠbmgMm _wbJm XUHy$Z Aä`mg H$ê$Z ^ë`m^ë`m§Zm
_mJo Q>mH$Vmo Vgo `m§Mo hmoUma Amho. H$maU DG Pw{~ZMr Dist.
Directory 2 Owb¡bm Amnë`m hmVmV hmoVr. All the best Zubin
AmJo ~T>mo!
EH$m N>mZ Am{U Vê$U H$m`©H«$_mÀ`m AmR>dUr KoD$Z Amåhr naV Ambmo.
- amo. aí_r
RID 3131 Mr
n{hbr {S>ñQ´>rŠQ> \o$bmo{en _rQ> AWd©erf© nR>U
'Make Dreams Real' Aer g§H$ënZm Agbob§ ho RID 3131 M§ n{hb§M
df© amo. DG {dbmg OJVmnmÀ`m Theme-based Fellowship Meets
øm g§H$ënZoMr gwédmV amoQ>ar Šb~ Am°\$ nwUo gmD$WZr Am`mo{OV
Ho$boë`m øm AmJù`m-doJù`m \o$bmo{en _rQ>Zo Pmbr. \o$bmo{en _rQ>
Am{U g§H$ï>r MVwWuMr JUnVr AWd©erf© AmdV©Z øm§Mr gm§JS> H$er
KmbUma, AgmM àý àË`oH$ amoQ>o[aAZÀ`m _ZmV hmoVm. Ë`mVM
Owb¡_Ü`oM àË`oH$ Šb~À`m ZdrZ H$mam^mè`mZr Amnmnbm nX^ma
gm§^mibobm Agë`mZo hmVmV Agbobo IynM H$_r {Xdg na§Vw amo. ào.S>m°.
amO|Ð Jmogmdr, øm _rQ>Mo H$ÝìhoZa JmoqdX nQ>dY©Z Am{U
Šb~À`m BVa gXñ`m§Zr hm H$m`©H«$_ nyU©nUo `eñdr H$aÊ`mMm M§JM
~m§Ybm. Ë`mMà_mUo nwUo gmD$WÀ`m A°Z g§{JVm Ho$iH$aZr {d{dY
Šb~_Yrb _|~ag©Zm KoD$Z ^md-^º$s JrV Jm`ZmMr H$ënZm _m§S>br.
{VÀ`m AmdmhZmbm qghJS> amoS Šb~À`m Jm`H$/Jm{`H$m g^mgXm§Zr
A{Ve` CÎm_ à{VgmX {Xbm. øm gdmªÀ`m H$ï>mMo \${bV gd©
{S>ñQ´>rŠQ>_YyZ Amboë`m OdiOdi 250 gXñ` CnpñWV Agboë`m
Am{U A{Ve` CËgmhmV nma nS>boë`m øm _rQ>À`m `eñdrVoV {XgyZ
qghJS> amoS> darb h[a{à`m g^mJ¥hmV gmo_dma {X. 21 Am°JñQ> amoOr (øm
dfm©À`m n{hë`mM g§H$ï>r MVwWubm) AWd©erf©À`m 21 AmdV©ZmZ§Va
amo.S>r.Or. {dbmg d \$ñQ>© boS>r A°Z {Zbr_mZr JUnVrMr AmaVr Ho$br.
AmdV©Zm§Z§Va A°ZoQ> _Ywam Hw$bH$UuMm JUoe d§XZm hm H$m`©H«$_ Pmbm.
Ë`mZ§Va JrV-Jm`ZmÀ`m H$m`©H«$_mbm gwédmV Pmbr. eodQ>À`m XodrÀ`m
Jm|YimZ§ `m gdmªda H$ig MT>{dbm.
MVwWuMm Cndmg gmoS>Ê`mgmR>r AWm©VM ñdm{Xï> _moXH$m§Mo OodU hmoVo.
VZ-_ZmZo V¥á hmoD$Z Am{U øm AmJù`m doJù`m \o$bmo{en _rQ>À`m gwaob
AmR>dUr _ZmV R>odyZ gd© _§S>ir nm§Jbr.
amo. eaX Ho$iH$a
amoQ>ar Šb~ Am°\$ nwUo gmD$W
District Membership Seminar
The first seminar of our new district 3131 was held on Sunday Aug 3
,2008 at SIMS Range Hills ,Pune. It was attended by 303 delegates
representing 62 clubs. RRIMC PDG Rtn Bharat Pandya [Dist 3140]
was the chief guest and key note speaker.
PDG Sudhir Rashingkar, PDG Arun Kudale, PDG Mahesh Kotbagi,
DGE Deepak Purohit and DGN Pramod Jejurikar were among the
dignitaries present. Assistant Governors, Associate AG, District
Secretariat and District Officers were present in large numbers.
President Rtn Mohan Joshi of the Host Club-RC of Pune East
welcomed the delegates and convenor Rtn Mohan Palesha
informed about the logistics. DG Vilas Jagtap in his opening remarks
emphasised on the sustained membership growth and retention.
He explained the importance of membership growth as a
continuous thinking process with reference to resources in
planning, identifying potential, training volunteers and women in
PDG Bharat Pandya explained the importance of key components of
development viz. Recruitment, retention and formation of new
clubs. And gave key message that unless you ask you don't get
Rtn Puja Giri and Rtn Manju Phadke compered the session on
women in rotary and presented entrepreneurs and professionals
like Rtn Sumedha Bhosle, Rtn Madhavi Vaze, Rtn Sonal Patwardhan,
Rtn Sheetal Lokhande, Rtn Seema Deshpande, Rtn Seema Mahajan,
Rtn Sunetra Mankani, Rtn Radha Gokhale and other lady rotarians.
Rtn Jayashree Mohite chaired the session. A planned strategy was
informed to get more women in rotary as to increase from present
200 to 500.
Rtn Raja Kharadkar co-ordinated the session on the process of
identifying new members and involved serving presidents in the
discussion. Rtn Papa Kuray explained at length the process of
invitation and induction of new members. Rtn Santosh Marathe in
discussion with serving presidents highlighted the importance of
retention and techniques for the same.
A lively skit was presented by Rtn Shirish Kshirsagar and Rtn Deepak
Shikarpur spreading the message of passing on proper rotary
information prior to induction of new members.
DGN Pramod Jejurikar-counsellor for membership, Rtn Aroon Serindirector membership and forum leader and Rtn Ajay Wagh Co
director membership, alongwith dist membership team did an
excellent preparation for the seminar under the guidance of DG
Vilas Jagtap. Dist Secretary Meets Rtn Radha Gokhale and entire
District Secretariat helped in organizing the seminar successfully.
In the concluding session DG Vilas invited Rotarians for an open
session and it was interactive and effective. Rtn PP Sunil Shah
announced the winners for best attendance awards and secretary
Rtn Chetan Pethe proposed vote of thanks.
Rotary Club of Pune Shivajinagar arranged check up and
medical support to women with difficult pregnancy in
Dandekar Bridge Slum area.
Traffic awareness programme was arranged for Sevasadan
English Medium School children by
Rotary Club of Pune Uptown
{eñV~ÜX dmhVyH$ nwUoH$am§À`m A§JdiUr nS>mdr `mgmR>r e{ZdmadmS>m
amoQ>ar Šb~Zo, ~mb{ejU emioVrb B§Q>a°ŠQ>g©À`m ~amo~arZo H$d}
añË`mda gyMZm§Mo \$bH$ KodyZ à`ËZ Ho$bo.
Rotary Club of Pune South distributed grocery to HIV +ve
families. Club also sponsers costly treatment of ARV II
amoQ>ar Šb~ Am°\$ nwUo gmD$WZo DEC B§J«Or emioV ECO-CLUB ñWm{nbm AgyZ Xa e{Zdmar n`m©daUmda {d{dY H$m`©H«$_ Am`mo{Obo OmVmV.
amoQ>ar dfm©Mr gwadmV `m ECO-CLUB _Yrb _wbm§À`m g_doV d¥jmamonU H$m`©H«$_mZo Ho$br.
{dÇ>bdmS>r `oWrb Jmogmdr hm`ñHy$bbm XmoZ dm°Q>a {\$ëQ>g©
amoQ>ar Šb~ Am°\$ nwUo gmD$WZo àXmZ Ho$bo.
amoQ>ar Šb~ Am°\$ nwUo, bú_r amoS>, nXJ«hU g_ma§^.
RC of Pune Midtown, RC of Pune Shivajinagar, RC of Pune Kalyaninagar & Rotaract Clubs in Pune jointly arranged
programme to felicitate film actor & director Mr. Amol Palekar and team. Their film 'Quest' based on human relationship won
National award recently. Mr. Amol Palekar & his team shared their views on 'Human relationship issues of Modern Society' to
over 700 people present on the occasion.
'Improvement of Study Skills' workshop was arranged for
Sevasadan School girls of 9th Std. by RC of Pune Kothrud
R>mH$a dñVr Am{Xdmgr emim XÎmH$ KodyZ X¡Z§{XZ JaOoÀ`m dñVy§Mo
dmQ>n amoQ>ar Šb~ VioJm§d Xm^mS>o `m Šb~Zo Ho$bo.
{dÚm à{Vð>mZ d ~mam_Vr amoQ>ar Šb~Zo Am`mo{OV Ho$boë`m aº$XmZ _mo{h_oV 151 {dÚmÏ`mªZr aº$XmZ Ho$bo.
Rotary Club of Pune Far East donated school bags and other material to Jilla Parishad school at Undri.
Rotary Club of New Panvel conducted Blood Donation Drive. Total 29 bottles of blood was collected. Diabetics &
Hypertention check up camp was also arranged at Kalamboli.
Remember ... Member ... District Goals ....
??Net 10% membership growth.
??Minimum 300 new Lady Rotarians.
??Priority to bring young members.
??Total 5 new clubs.
?Continuous membership training programmes
to enhanceperformance of members.
Recruit at least one alumnus from Foundation
Rotary International Recognitions & Awards to District
?10% net membership increase in 50-74% of clubs and minimum
of two new clubs - Certificate signed by 2008-09 RI president
minimum of a 10% net membership increase in 75-89% of
clubs and a minimum of two new clubs - Small plaque
net membership increase in atleast 90% of clubs and
aminimum of two new clubs - Large glass plaque with
acknowledgment on stage at the 2009 RI Convention
is among the top 10 districts worldwide with the highest
%age net membership increase and a minimum of two new clubs
- Mont Blanc pen or similar recognition, with acknowledgment
on stage at the 2009 RI Convention
Dear friends,
"Child Mortality" or the death of a
"baby", "bundle of joy", "Gods
wonderful creation" is one of the
most unfortunate incidences on the
Our esteem leader with a sensitive
heart, R.I. President D.K. Lee
conceived this concept of working hard to reduce this
mortality. D.G. Vilas midwifed this ideal of reduction in
death rate of babies and then all the Rotarians started
working to blossom the "beauty" carved by the creator,
the "healthy and happy baby".
The District committee has offered a "Ten point
programme" which will definitely help of facilitate the
club leaders or the project chairman to plan and execute
various projects. This ten point programme includes the
large scale as well as small scale work.
Providing neonatal care equipment with safe transport
vehicle can be a great work to help the diseased
newborn baby whose life is at risk. Neonatal incubator
costing 1.5 to 2 lakhs or infant warmer, phototherapy
unit costing approx. Rs. 25000 are the equipments
which can be donated.
Polluted water is the mother of many diseases and so, " safe
drinking water supply scheme" makes itself a noble work and
it can be executed on a large as well as small scale. " Sanitary
block development" will add a great value for the project to
reduce the mortality rate.
"Where the vision is one year or few years, cultivate flowers
or trees. But when the vision is eternity, educate people." as
one Chinese proverb says. With this in mind, " Vocational
Training programme for safe child delivery", "Training of
expectant mothers, (age group 18-35 yrs.)" "Formation of
self help groups" are few of the projects which can be
executed by all the clubs to educate people.
Awareness campaign on Govt. immunization scheme,
various projects to improve female literacy, mass deworming
projects, Mass scale distribution of vitamin & nutritional
products , Mid day school meal programme are other small
scale projects which can be carried out with less efforts.
"Children" are our Dream, our future. As it is said,"The only
way to predict your future is to create it & nurture it." Let all
of us work hand in hand to make our future healthy & happy.
Let us make our dreams real.
Rtn. Dr. Madhavi Vaze
{S>ñQ>—rŠQ> 3131 ..... Zdr ZdbmB©
amoQ>arŠb~ T>o~odmS>r ~wÐÿH$Mm nXJ«hU g_ma§^ Yy_YS>mŠ`mV nma nS>bm. g§MmbH$ _§S>imMr n[hbr ~¡R>H$hr Yy_YS>mŠ`mV Pmbr. gJio VmÁ`m X_mMo CËgmhr
JS>r. AÜ`jm§Zr àñVmd _m§S>bm H$s `§Xm gXñ`m§Mr g§»`m XwßnQ> H$am`Mr. _|~aernMo S>m`aoŠQ>a Am{U AÜ`j `m§Mm hm g§dmX.
S>m`aoŠQ>a : gXñ` g§»`m dmT>dm`Mr åhUVm ? H$m` àm°ãbo_ Zmhr. Am_À`m H$maImÝ`mÀ`m gJù`m gßbm`g©Zm _|~a H$éZ Q>mH$Vmo. nwT>À`m {_Q>tJbm
B§S>§ŠeZ H$éZ Q>mHy$.
AÜ`j :
Ahmo ZdrZ _|~a KoÊ`mgmR>r H$mhr àmo{gOa AgVo. Amnë`mbm ZwgVrM ImoJra ^aVr H$am`Mr Zmhr.
S>m`aoŠQ>a : AmVm H$gbr àmo{gOa, Vo Var gm§Jm ?
AÜ`j :
ZdrZ gXñ`m§Mr _m{hVr àW_ goH«o$Q>arV\}$ g§MmbH$ _§S>img_moa R>odmdr. Ë`m§Mo Šbmgr{\$Ho$eZ \$m`Zb H$amdo. _J Ë`m§Mo Ë`m§À`m
ì`dgm`mVrb ñWmZ, gm_m{OH$ à{Vð>m, gm_m{OH$ H$m_mMr AmdS> d amoQ>argmR>r doi d n¡gm XoÊ`mMr V`mar `m ~m~tMm {dMma
Šbmgr{\$Ho$eZ d _|~aern H${_Q>r V\}$ H$amdm.
S>m`aoŠQ>a : Ë`mbm {H$Vr doi bmJVmo. CÚm [anmoQ>© XoVmo. nadm B§S>ŠeZ.
AÜ`j :
Ahmo `odT>r KmB© ZH$mo, `m H${_Q>çm§Mm [anmoQ>© nmhÿZ ~moS>m©Zo _mÝ`Vm {Xë`mda `m bmoH$m§Zm amoQ>ar~Ôb _m[hVr ¿`m`bm hdr. amoQ>arMo CÔrï> H$m`,
amoQ>ar \$mD§$S>oeZ V\}$ H$m` H$m_o hmoVmV, amoQ>o[aAZÀ`m O~m~Xmè`m H$m` AgVmV ho gd© Ë`m§Zm gm§Jm`bm hdo.
S>m`aoŠQ>a : hm§ ho ~amo~a Amho. AmnU Ag§ H$é Amnbo nmñQ> ào{gS>|Q>H$S>o hr H$m_{Jar XoD$.
AÜ`j :
Ë`mZ§Va `m bmoH$m§Zm Amnë`m gmám{hH$ g^oV ~mobdy, amoQ>arMo H$m_ H$go MmbVo Vo Ë`m§Zm nmhÿ Úm. Am{U Ë`m§Zr hmoH$ma {Xë`mda Šb~À`m
_|~aZm Ë`m§À`m B§S>§ŠeZMr ZmoQ>rg XoD$.
S>m`aoŠQ>a : g_Om H$moUr Am°ãOoŠeZ KoVbo Va ?
AYÜ`j : Oa H$moUr boIr Am°ãOoŠeZ KoVbo Va Ë`mda g§MmbH$ _§S>imV MMm© hmoB©b. Ë`mV H$mhr VÏ` Zmhr Ago AmT>ibo Va Am°ãOoŠeZ ZmH$méZ
ZdrZ gXñ` KoÊ`mMm ~moS>m©bm A{YH$ma Amho.
S>m`aoŠQ>a : AmVm _bm H$ib§. amoQ>arbm ZwgVrM gXñ` g§»`m dmT>dm`Mr Zmhr Va ^{dî`mV amoQ>arMo H$m_ Am{U Zm§d Mm§Jbo nwT>o ZoUmao _|~a hdo AmhoV.
amo. ~hþénr
Namdeo Kuray
District Secretary Administration
Club President's Monthly Checklist
Resolutions for 2010 COL
? Initiate membership development programs for the year.
? Review current RI sponsored membership development
certificate programs.
? Send monthly membership and attendance report to the
district attendance committee chairman no later than 15
days after the last meeting of the month.
Plan and conduct a club assembly to discuss and adopt
the year's program.
? Ensure that the semiannual report (SAR) has been
received by the club secretary. Work with the secretary to
complete the SAR and send with dues to RI. Submit
district per capita dues. Send subscription to Rotary News
or The Rotarian.
? Update classification roster. Prepare current list of filled
and unfilled classifications.
? Contact the District GSE Chair to confirm deadlines for
submitting GSE team member/leader applications for
district GSE selections. Recruit young professionals
between the ages of 25-40 and encourage qualified
candidates to submit a GSE Team Member Application.
August - Membership and Extension Month
? Conduct club activities to support membership
development and extension efforts.
? Promote attendance at the district membership seminar.
30th Aug is Deadline for submitting Suggestions from
Clubs for Nomination of Candidate for District Governor
Nominee 2011-2012.
September - New Generations Month
? Promote attendance at the district conference.
?Conduct youth-related activities and programs and
celebrate club success in Interact, Rotaract, RYLA and
Youth Exchange programs.
? Monitor membership development initiatives and goals.
? Endorse qualified GSE team members' applications and
submit them to the district GSE selection committee by
their deadline for consideration.
30th Sept is Deadline for submitting Suggestions
candidates from Clubs for Nomination Committee for
District Governor Nominee 2011-2012.
Dear Rotary Leaders RID 3131,
As your COL representative for the 2010 COL, I am pleased to invite
you to get involved in the process of determining the future
direction of Rotary in the years to come. As you know, the working
of Rotary Clubs in the Rotary Organisation is guided by the Manual
of Procedure. The mechanism of changing these rules is through a
process of resolutions which can be proposed by Clubs or Districts.
The deadline for proposing resolutions for the 2010 Council of
Legislation (COL) is December 2008. A time table for this process for
our District as suggested by DG Vilas is given below. We are also
enclosing more details of this process as attachments for all of you
to read and understand. I look forward to your support and
participation in this process.Yours sincerely,
Dr Madhav Borate
COL Rep RID 3131
COL Schedule
Aug 15 - Announcement from District for submitting Proposals for
COL 2010
Oct 30 - Last date of receipt of Resolutions to DG office with copy to
PDG Dr Madhav Borate
Nov 05 - Dispatch of eligible proposals for approval by clubs by
ballot by mail
Dec 05 - Last date for receipt of ballots
Dec 15 - Dispatch of approved proposals to COL Office at RI
AS>MU Aer Amho H$s Ooìhm _r H$m_ H$am`bm hdo hmoVo,
Voìhm _r ZoV¥Ëd Am{U ì`dñWmnZ `mdaMr nwñVHo$ dmMV ~gbmo !
Asst Gove. Region-04
Attendance Report for July 2008
Name of the club
RC Poona
RC Pune Pashan
RC Panvel Central
RC Pune Metro
RC Pimpri
64 %
72 %
60.5 %
65 %
83.8 %
Name of the club
RC Pune Riverside
RC Pune Uptown
RC New Panvel
RC Mahad
Name of the club
69.4 %
76 %
60 %
31.60 %
RC Panvel
RC Hadapsar
RC Pune University
RC Pune Kothrud
60.50 %
74 %
76.55 %
55.38 %
Dear DG Vilas,
Let me congratulate you on the very successful District
Membership Seminar held on August 3, 2008. This was the
first District Event of the new Rotary District 3131 and it was
very successful. Thank you for inviting me as Chief Guest.
The program was well arranged and organised and the
presence of over 300 Rotarians from 62 clubs spoke volumes
about the tremendous hard work put in by you and your
Team for this program. The program went off very well, in a
time bound manner and the content was well thought of and
meaningful. The feed back that I got from the Rotarians at
the end of the program indicated that they were very happy
and found the Seminar useful and motivating. The
presentation on Women in Rotary was well thought out and
executed. Convey my compliments to all - Rtn. Jayashri
Mohite, Dr Sumedha and all the Lady Rotarians for their
effort and good presentation. Another excellent
presentation was the skit. It was informative and
entertaining. My congratulations to both participants. Do
extend my congratulations to the Host club - RC of Pune East
& to Forum Leader Aroon Sareen, Convenor Mohan Palesha,
Prez. Dr Mohan Joshi, DGN Pramod and all others invloved in
organising the program.
But Vilas, the leader makes the difference and hearing your
address and seeing your handling of the program and the Q
& A session I found a leader who is well prepared, meticulous
and dedicated to Rotary. I have no doubt that D 3131 will
scale new heights in Rotary and especially in Membership
under your leadership
Best wishes for a rewarding and satisfying year ahead
Dr. Bharat Pandya
Rtn Sunil Hingmire Date:11/08/08.
Director Dist. Publications
Dear Sunil,
Thank you very much for sending me GML for the month of
July 2008. Congratulations !
The Presentation & the content of the GML is fine.
Please keep it up.
Dear DG Vilas,
I have attended enthusiastically PET / SET Seminar, District
Assembly and R-Lead series.
I must compliment and congratulate you on selection of the
Guest speakers in these programmes. I, however, did feel
details of working knowledge required were not fully
covered but with time constraint faced in such seminars that
was understandable. This was of course covered later
through hand outs, manuals and subsequent programmes
Having attended many international and national level
seminars, I must also compliment you for excellent brain child
& initiative you have taken in organising of R - LEAD series.
We always feel "we know everything" but presentation skills
of Rtns. Kuldeep, Shashank and Milind were covered subjects
better through illustrations. Getting even one small point at
this stage is welcome as we can then keep improving
ourselves. Presentation of Rtn.Madhav was also quite useful.
I would strongly feel everyone attends future R - LEAD series
seminars as they are definitely worthwhile and are absolutely
focused on subjects announced in advance.
Rtn. Jayant Bokil
President - Rotary Club of Pune Metro
Dear DG Vilas,
I have received July issue of GML by post.
The issue is very well printed, the matter is very neatly
organised and the issue is very good.
Convey my congratulations to Rtn Sharad for doing an
excellent job.
The new ideas proposed are innovative and I am sure I shall
follow those up in my year also.
Hearty congratulations once again
DGN Dr. Deepak Purohit
PDG Dr. Laxmikant Bhojwani
District Meets and Events
3th Aug 08
Membership Seminar
RC Pune East
17th Aug 08
TRE Level II Seminar
24th Aug 08
Child Mortality Seminar
RC Pune Kothrud
21st Sept 08
TRF District Seminar
Poona Down Town
28th Sept 08
Youth Service Seminar
RC Pune Shivajinagar
R. I. DIST 3131
We welcome you all for
Conference of the N
ew Era
District 3131
Rotary Club of Pune Sinhagad Road
Rotary Club of Poona West
cordially invite you to
Discover a New World of Service & Follow Your Rotary Dream
at Hotel Dreamland, Mahabaleshwar
on 6, 7 and 8 February, 2009
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