full case study

Lead Generation
Region: Europe and APAC
IDG Connect provided a global leader in digital marketing and digital media solutions
with 700 leads from specific companies from a pre-determined target account list.
The client had gathered a list of around 8,000 specialized companies that it was looking to engage with
across Europe and APAC. It was especially interested in targeting IT decision makers who might be
interested to know how its mobile security solution easily integrated with document solutions.
Target Countries:
UK, France, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia.
IDG Connect created a tailored campaign to deliver an initial 600 leads across Europe and APAC,
followed by an additional 100 French leads at the client’s request. This comprised of:
• Segmenting its database to identify IT decision makers from the provided company
• Creating a bespoke script to promote relevant content in the most digestible format
• Undertaking an extensive, local language telemarketing campaign to generate the leads required.
A total of 700 qualified leads were delivered
across Europe and APAC. The success of
the campaign initiated an extension of the
named list program to include 300 more
leads. This involved deepening the breadth of
the campaign to comprise of Line of Business
Managers from within the same company,
for example Marketing Managers, Product
Managers, along with other Marketing and
Communications titles.
qualified leads from a
named company list
leads extension
“IDG Connect generated a large volume of leads from specific companies that we wanted to
target our content at, this encouraged us to book an additional campaign targeting Line of
Business Managers