Computational Platform Service (COMPS)

Computational Platform Service (COMPS)
COMPS is IDM’s high performance research platform that provides a set of tools to support the generation, scheduling, execution
and analysis of EMOD models using high performance computing resources.
COMPS is a queue-based system for the execution and management of large numbers of EMOD models by multiple users. It is
currently used by approximately 30 IDM research staff. We regularly see our user base create and submit several thousand models
at a time while they are investigating eradication strategies around the world for multiple diseases. COMPS takes care of moving the
data to the right places, scheduling and keeping track of what needs to be run, and provides a way for them to see where their work
is in the queue for using the computing resources. Once our researchers have run their models, COMPS enables researchers to
quickly find and manage previous work and view the output of their modeling efforts utilizing a number of different techniques.
No single approach will always fill the needs of every researcher. COMPS was built with extensibility in mind. Wherever possible,
COMPS tries to provide extension points where our users can customize the system for their unique needs.
As of today, the COMPS system is tracking over ~8.4 million individual simulations, 127k+ experiments and 60k+ suites. The
hardware infrastructure that powers COMPS utilizes an extensible High Performance Computing cluster backed by a very capable
storage subsystem capable of handling the output of 1000’s of models running simultaneously.
Geo-spatial visualization of a Garki simulation.
The chart shows the number of infected, and the map shows the daily EIR.
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