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YouTube Views Generator Tutorial -­‐ Mac Written By: JoesICTHelp – This is a simple tutorial on how to generate YouTube views. Please Note: All views on my YouTube Channel are genuine. Step 1: Open ‘Apple Script Editor’ Step 2: Copy and paste the following into ‘Apple Script Editor’ repeat delay 5 tell application "BROWSER NAME HERE" open location "YOUTUBE VIDEO URL HERE" end tell end repeat Step 3: Change ‘BROWSER NAME HERE’ to your internet browser you want to use to generate views e.g. “Google Chrome” or “Safari” or “Firefox”. Make sure the browser is in between the speech marks. Step 4: Change “YOUTUBE VIDEO URL HERE” to your YouTube Video URL that you want your views for e.g. “”. Make sure you keep the speech marks. Step 5: Click on the green ‘run’ button on the top menu bar and then your browser will refresh the YouTube page every 5 seconds to generate views! Make sure you are logged out of your account and you don’t have an ad blocker enabled like ‘Ad Block Plus’ etc. Be sure to stop after 301 views and continue the generator the next day as after a 301 views within a day YouTube check to see if the views are genuine. If they are not they will be removed. You can change the refresh rate to 3 seconds by changing the delay number to 3. Don’t go lower than 3 as it will not work. Your final script should look like this: Good Luck! JoesICTHelp –