Newsletter Number 08 - Cheltenham Primary School

Newsletter Number 08
13th April 2015
Dear Parents, Students and
Cheltenham Primary School
Welcome back to Term 2! The week has
commenced smoothly; with so many children
wearing smiles, happy to be back with their
friends, sharing holiday adventure stories and
settling in quickly to school routines.
A reminder to all
our parents to
say goodbyes at
the front of the
school to allow
your child to
make his or her
way to their
pegs, hang their
bags and move
outside to the
playground area.
The approach of
and ‘self-independence’ is a cornerstone of
children’s positive mental health. The sense of
independence that is gained by managing the start
to the school day will build characteristics of
resilience; being responsive, socially adept,
capable of problem solving and
development of good communication skills.
Typically the independent child is able to think
creatively and flexibly about problems, make
plans and take action on them. They are able to
ask adults for help when needed but show a sense
of resourcefulness in dealing with problems.
Please give your child the opportunity to
demonstrate these attributes!
I was greeted this morning with a very powerful
ANZAC display in our school foyer and along the
main corridor. Thank you to Carol Kozlowski,
who spent many hours in the holidays showcasing
our student art works.
Please come along and join us for our annual
Anzac Day Ceremony on 27th April.
This traditional ceremony involves all children
with singing, poetry, an Anzac Story musical
culminating in the laying of a wreath and the
playing of the Last Post. It is a very moving
experience. Our children have rehearsed songs for
the occasion and
formalities of the
If you have not
why not take the
time to attend
with your child
morning in our
school hall.
Kind regards
Margaret McIntosh
I also thought, as I made my around the school
this morning, that the improvements to our play
area that were commenced during the Christmas
break and finished late last term, have added much
to our school grounds. I have included some
before and after pictures for your interest.
Following the Cheltenham Primary School
elections for parent vacancies, the ballot result for
positions on Council 2015-16 are: Paul Beeston,
Lionel Brett, Alison Chambers and Debbie Feben.
We congratulate these four candidates and look
forward to their positive contribution and support,
to provide the best possible educational outcomes
for the students of Cheltenham Primary School.
Term 1 - 29th January to 27th March
Term 2 - 13th April to 26th June
Term 3 - 13th July to 18th September
Term 4 - 5th October to 18th December
Important dates for your diary:
APRIL 2015
Tuesday, 14th
Tuesday, 21st
Monday, 27th
Thursday, 30th
School Photo Day
School Council Meeting
ANZAC Day Assembly
Junior School Concert
Evening performance
MAY 2015
Friday, 1st
Tuesday, 5th
Saturday, 9th
Junior School Concert
Matinee performance
House Cross Country
Working Bee
Thank you to Jodi Shepherd and Kylie Johanson’s
mother for helping make the children’s lunches
this Friday 17th April, 10.30am – 1.30pm
Jennifer Leason
Canteen Manager
Are proud sponsors of our YCDI Program
Please support them with your custom