How to get to the service menu of the TS-590S

How to get to the service menu of the TS-590S
TS-590S Service Menu Access: If your radio has firmware up to 1.04 loaded, then access to the
service menu can be accomplished without the ACC-2 service jig by following steps 1 through
3 below. If you have firmware 1.05 or higher loaded, the service menu can only be accessed by
shorting pins 8 and 9 of the ACC-2 plug provided with the radio. Install the shorted plug into
the ACC-2 port and proceed with step 5.
Press MENU on the front panel of the rig.
Go to the menu 73, REVERSED PSK POLARITY.
Change this option from OFF to ON.
Exit the menu and power down the radio.
Press the NR and MIC buttons as you power up the rig.
The radio will come up in SERVICE MENU mode.
Use the MULTI/CH knob to step through the service menu settings.
Press the CRL button on the front panel will exit the SERVICE MENU mode.
As an alternative, you can simply power the rig down and then power it back up.
You can see a simple Microsoft Excel file that displays the
service menu values of five different TS-590S rigs.
See the link below this
Do this at your own risk.