Training on how to Invest & Trade in Stock Market

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Training on how to
Invest & Trade in Stock
Profitably at Low Risk and
High Gain With the help of
Simple Software By
Nitin Shripad Joshi
1. Select Share from All Buy Share Set from our Share Software.
2. From this delete those shares which have profit less than 36 % in 5 DMA.
Also delete those shares who have 34 DMA indication as Down.
3. Calculate (T 1 - Close) / (close – SL). If this value is less than 1, Risk is more
than Reward. Avoid this share.
4. Select nearest Call for that share from our FNO Software.
5. Add both Share and Call in your Trader Terminal.
6. After opening of market check the open price of Share.
7. If Open is above previous close then place Buy order for Share or Call at
previous close in Share or FNO Software.
8. If Open is below previous close then place buy order for Share or Call at T1
of first red line in intraday strategy in our Share or FNO Software. The
nearer you buy to the stop loss your Risk is reduced & Gain is increased.
9. If your order gets executed then place Stop Loss order as per 5 DMA SL in
Share Software and Trend SL in FNO software.
Book Profit if T 1 to T 5 is reached as per Share Software or you may
keep on trailing Stop Loss till it gets triggered.
Repeat step 1 – 10 for All Sell Share but in Reverse. Here Investor
cannot work as they do not short sell.
If you do not get any recommendation do not trade. Go to Cinema
and enjoy.
Selection of Share is very important aspect is this.
Stop Loss that is Risk Management Part is very important in this activity. If
you manage risk properly Gain will come to you automatically.
These are Guide Lines and not Rules. So you can change any of them time
to time as per Market Conditions. As Trading is an Art and not a Science.
One has to cultivate this Art by training and lots of Practice under able
guidance of a Guru. For that, if you wish I am always with you.
Last but very important
If you want to be Successful in Trading and your Life
Do study and adapt