Talk to us at SMM 2014. SAACKE Marine Systems offer you many

Systems offer you many
decisive advantages.
Talk to us at SMM 2014.
You̕ll find the following persons available on the indicated days to
discuss your specific needs.
Daniel Bries (Manager Spare Parts)
You can expect:
Olle Egnér (Director Marketing & Sales)
Heike Görlitz (Sales Director Boiler Systems)
Kai Große-Hellweg (Head of Sales)
• Custom solutions
• Easy operation
• Optimum utilization of your space
• 24/7 worldwide service
• Efficiently coordinated project management
• Efficient, precision-engineered complete systems
Gerhard Heißenbüttel (Head of Competence Center)
Timo Hinte (Sales Manager Spare Parts)
Bernd König (Technical Manager Burner & Combustion)
Andreas von Minden
(Sales Manager Offshore Application)
Stuart Rielly (UK Marine Sales Manager)
Stipe Skoric (Sales Director Scrubber Systems)
Matthias Tietjen (Head of Global Marine After Sales)
Regardless of which SAACKE system you choose,
with SAACKE you̓re sure to benefit from all these advantages.
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How to be a VIP at
every port.
Reduce emissions and increase efficiency with
SAACKE Green Ship Technology.
SAACKE Marine Systems:
Low-emission, efficient and
SAACKE Marine Systems puts high-tech to work for you on the high
seas. With our custom-designed and environmentally friendly systems,
you can be sure your fl eet is underway efficiently.
Heat generating and
scrubber systems
Gas combustion systems
Offshore heat generating and
gas combustion systems
Designed to customer-specifi c requirements, it delivers
Designed to customer-specific requirements, delivering effi -
This system produces superheated steam to drive turbines
efficient, clean, and compliant steam/heat generation with
cient, clean, and compliant heat generation and boil-off gas
while generating the steam needed for offshore processing
unbeatable longevity, future-safe profitability, and reliable
capture, this system is future-safe for operators.
and stabilization of ships̕ crude oil (FPSO).
• For all conventional ships and applications
• For all LNG carriers and LNG fueled ships
• For all offshore applications (FPSO/FSO/FLNG)
• Scalable and adaptable services, work, and equipment
• Used with GCU and dual-fuel fired boilers
• Consists of GCU and tri-fuel fired boilers with waste
• Guaranteed low NOx (country standard compliance)*
• Security with 100% free flow and boil-off gas combustion
heat recovery unit
• For conversion and new building projects
* With FMB-VF LONOX boilers
Heat recovery unit
On deck unit
Heat generation unit
Exhaust gas
cleaning system
Gas combustion
Heat recovery unit
Reference: MV Levana, Germany
Heat generation unit
LNG carrier application
Heat generation unit
Reference: P63 Papaterra, Brazil