College to Offer New Web Design Classes

College to Offer New Web Design Classes
College to Offer New Web Design Classes
Five new classes in web design will be offered at Middlesex County College – two of them in the
fall and the others in the spring of 2010. The courses this fall are Graphics for Web Design and
Typography for Web Design. The courses scheduled for the spring are Web Animation and
Interactive Media, Website Design and Layout, and Portfolio.
"A student who completes these courses will be ready to start a job as a web designer," said
Nadine Heller, chairperson of the Department of Visual, Performing and Media Arts. "This is a
field with a future; the web is growing every day and those who have the skills, both technical
and artistic, will be ready to face that future and get those jobs."
Graphics for Web Design will explore developing and preparing graphics for websites and web
applications. Typography for Web Design offers a general overview of typography with an
emphasis on the use of type in web publishing. Web Animation and Interactive Media is an
introduction to animation for websites and web applications. Website Design and Layout is an
introduction to web design that emphasizes layout principles and visual content management. In
the final course, Portfolio, students will learn about industry-specific job search practices and
develop a self-promotional package, including a resume, cover letter and how to build an
interactive portfolio website.
"These courses are very practical and teach both the technical skills required to develop a
website and the artistic skills to ensure that it is attractive and appropriate," Professor Heller
said. "It is a great series of courses for someone who would like a full-time job designing
websites, and also for someone who is hoping to develop and maintain a site as a part-time job
or volunteer service for an organization."
For more information, contact the Admissions Office.