Year 8 Review 2

Year 8 Review 2
A garden is rectangular in shape and
measures 20m by 45m. Beans are planted
in 2/3 of the garden. One half if that
contains Lima beans.
How many square metres of
the garden are planted in Lima beans?
We want to make a school
den and grow vegetables.
However at night time the rabbits and deer will come and eat
To stop this we
need to put a
fence around the
We can only
afford to buy 26,
one metre long
Find the largest area we can
fence off to make a vegetable
The area of a rectangle is 360 m2. If its length
is increased by 10m and its width is decreased
by 6m, then its area does not change.
Find the perimeter of the original rectangle?
Choose your homework
from the Takeaway Menu.
The chilli rating suggests
the difficulty or challenge.
You must complete at least
2 EXTRA HOT tasks during
the year.