UPA 1: Dear Future Self

UPA 1: Dear Future Self
Write a friendly letter/email to yourself in the future. Describe who you are right now, what you value in life, and what
goals you want to accomplish by the end of this school year.
Interactive, P. 18: “Brainstorming”
Answer the following questions:
1. How would I describe my personality?
1. Adjective
2. Adjective
3. Adjective
2. What do I value?
1. Something important to you
2. Something else important to you
3. Something else important to you
3. What goals do I have for the year?
1. Academic goal
2. Personal goal
3. Goal of your choosing
Interactive, P. 19: “Planning”
Organize your thoughts by using a graphic organizer to plan your letter.
(see attachment for graphic organizer)
Interactive, P. 20-21: “Rough Draft”
Draft your letter. Write your letter without worrying about perfection (you will edit and revise later). Remember to:
a. Keep your thoughts focused and organized
b. Use relevant details to develop and support your ideas
c. Vary your sentence structure by creating compound and complex sentences
Interactive, P. 20-21: “Edit and Revise”
Evaluate and revise your letter. Look back at the rubric and evaluate your first draft against it. If you submitted your
paper the way it is right now, what grade do you think you would get? Have your paper edited by two people—first ask
a classmate or a parent/guardian to edit your paper, and then ask your teacher to edit your paper. Use those
suggestions to rewrite your final draft. Ask yourself:
Is the letter clearly organized around your personality, values, and goals?
Are there any ideas that need to be clarified/better explained?
Are all proper nouns capitalized?
Are all sentences punctuated?
Is proper grammar (according to your chart on p. 0) used?
Final Draft
Use the editing marks and suggestions to rewrite your paper so that it clearly responds to the topic (meaning it should
describe your personality, values, and goals) and so that it reflects the proper grammar you have been learning about in