How to Use Career Builder To Access Career Builder

How to Use Career Builder
Go to and click “Already Registered? Sign In” or “My Career Builder.”
Put in your user name and password, or create a new account.
To Create an Account
To Access Career Builder
Click “Sign Up Now” to create a new account. Make
Go to
sure the bubble next to “a job seeker” is green. Then
fill in your name, email address, and create a password. Email Address:
Write your email address and password in the box
provided below. Fill in your contact information.
Make sure to select your education level and program
of interest. If you want to receive emails from Career builder, make sure the boxes at the bottom are
check marked. When you have filled in all information, click Register Now! If an add appears, click “No
thank you, Please Continue…”
How to Post a Resume
Click “Post Resumes” on the homepage. Give you resume a title. You may want to include your last
name, job skills, or profession in the title. Be descriptive, but brief.
You can upload an existing resume or paste your resume in the box provided. To upload an existing
resume, click Browse, find your document on the computer, and click open. If you upload a resume,
make sure it is a word document with simple formatting (no tables or pictures) and standard text (Arial
or Times New Roman). To paste an existing resume, highlight all text, right click, and choose copy (or
click ctrl C). Right click in the box provided, and click paste (ctrl V). After you do this, click Continue.
Choose public as your privacy option (the green circle next to the word Public) if you want employers to
be able to search for your resume. Choose your total years of experience. Select a job category and the
years of experience for that category (you can add more than one job category). Under Work History,
click on each job individually to make sure you have a job title, company name, job type, start and end
date. You can also click “add another job” to add more job experiences to your resume. Under
Education, add your school name, major, degree, and graduate date. You can add more schools by
clicking “Add another.” In the box called Accreditations and Certifications, type any extra accreditations
or certifications you have. Click continue.
On the next page, fill in the information for Recent Compensation and Additional Skills and
Qualifications. Do not forget to fill in the information under Desired Position and Relocation
Review your resume and click Post Resume. Career builder will show job recommendations based on
your resume.
Search for Jobs
You can search for jobs by clicking “Find Jobs.” You can fill in the information on the page, such as
keyword, location, industries, job categories, and salary range, to search for a job. Under employment
type, a green checkmark means you want that kind of job, so be sure you un-check any you don’t want
by clicking on the green arrow. Then click “Find Jobs.”
You can also choose to search by location or job type. To search by location, find your state and city on
the list. After you click it, jobs in that area will appear. You can then narrow the jobs by entering
keywords or selecting narrower categories or companies. To search by job type, click on the job type
you are interested in (ex: accounting jobs). You can narrow this search by category, company, or
Other Useful Tools
Home Page: If you are already logged in, the home page of Career builder will let you quickly search for
jobs under Find Jobs by entering a keyword, location, or job type. Under the Jobs area, you can quickly
view recommended jobs, recently viewed jobs, or saved jobs. Searching for careers by category or
audience are located farther down on the home page.
Job Search History: On the Home Page, hover over My Career Builder and click on Job Search History.
This will allow you to see your saved jobs, application history, and jobs from other websites.
Saved Searches and Job Alerts: On the Home Page, hover over My Career Builder and click on Saved
Searches. Click Setup New Saved Search, and then put in your search criteria. These results will be
saved, and a Job Alert will be set up. You can choose to have alerts sent to your phone and the
frequency of these alerts.
Create a Cover letter: On the home page, hover over My Career Builder and Create Cover letter. Type a
cover letter name, and then type (or paste) your cover letter into the large white box. You cannot
exceed 4000 characters (letters, numbers, spaces, or symbols). Check your spelling and click Save.
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