The Grow Asia
To ensure food security for 9 billion people
by 2050, the world will need to produce more
food using fewer environmental resources
while reinvigorating rural economies. Realizing
these gains will require an exceptional
level of collaboration among stakeholders
in the agricultural value chain, including
governments, companies, multilateral and
civil-society organizations, farmers, consumers
and entrepreneurs.
Grow Asia is a multi-stakeholder partnership
platform that enables such collaboration and
catalyzes action in support of national and
regional agriculture development priorities of
the Association of South East Asian Nations
(ASEAN) comprising Brunei, Cambodia,
Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar,
Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
The region is home to 600 million people and
is the eighth largest economy in the world.
Yet a third of the population lives on less than
US$2 a day and food security remains
a constant threat.
Country-led and locally driven, Grow Asia
contributes to food and nutrition security by
working across agricultural value chains, from
farm to fork. Grow Asia supports scalable,
market-based solutions for sustainable,
inclusive economic growth through
agriculture. Grow Asia seeks measurable
positive impacts with a focus on smallholder
Grow Asia is convened by the World
Economic Forum in partnership with the
ASEAN Secretariat. The partnership draws
from the experience, models and networks of
the World Economic Forum’s New Vision for
Agriculture (NVA) initiative which facilitates
multistakeholder partnerships across the
world to deliver food security, environmental
sustainability and economic opportunity
through agriculture.
Contribute to
food security,
sustainability and
economic growth
through agriculture
development in
South East Asia.
Enable development
of environmentally
sustainable and
inclusive agriculture
in South East Asia
through innovative
partnerships and
scalable solutions,
with a specific focus
on smallholder farmers.
By 2020, reach 10
million smallholder
farmers in South East
Asia and enable them
to increase their yield
and profits by 20%,
using 20% less water
and emitting 20% less
greenhouse gases per
tonne of production.
partnerships, catalyze
investment, solve
problems, monitor
Grow Asia Partners
Grow Asia is led by a multi-stakeholder
community with strong commitment
and leadership from the ASEAN country
governments, the Grow Asia Business
Council and the Grow Asia Civil Society
Council in collaboration with farmer leaders,
international organizations, donor partners
and other key stakeholders. A Grow Asia
Secretariat will be established in 2015
in South East Asia to support planning,
coordination and delivery of the Grow Asia
vision and activities, overseen by a multistakeholder Partnership Steering Committee.
Grow Asia Business Council Members
Co-chairs: Nestlé and Sinar Mas
AGCO Corporation, Bayer Cropscience AG,
Brambles Ltd., Bunge Ltd., Cargill Inc.,
DuPont, International Finance Corporation,
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., Lawson, Louis
Dreyfus Commodities, MasterCard Inc.,
Monsanto, PepsiCo Inc., Swiss Reinsurance
Company Ltd., Syngenta International AG,
Unilever, United Phosphorus Inc., Visy
International, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Wilmar
International Ltd., Yara International ASA,
Zhangzidao Group.
Grow Asia Civil Society Council Members
AsiaDHRRA, Mercy Corps, Rainforest Alliance,
The Nature Conservancy.
Grow Asia Principles
and inclusive
and locallydriven
and precompetitive
on modular
and scalable
focused with
Areas of Focus
Country Partnerships
Area 1
Align with the ASEAN Integrated Food
Security (AIFS) Framework
Grow Asia will build on existing partnerships
catalysed by the World Economic Forum’s New
Vision for Agriculture initiative in the region:
Support the delivery of the AIFS Framework’s
objectives of long term food security and
nutrition and improving the livelihood of
farmers in the region through a focus on
increasing food production, safety and
quality, reducing food loss and promoting
Area 2
Support Country and Cross-Border
Support ongoing country-led partnerships
in Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar and the
Philippines. Provide advisory support to
other ASEAN countries to establish locally
driven partnerships. Identify opportunities for
cross-border collaboration, spur innovation
and facilitate best practice exchange.
Area 3
Focus on cross-cutting themes
Identify and address common regional and
cross-border issues to enable a transformation
of the agriculture sector in ASEAN, such as:
— Farmer capacity building
— Empowering women farmers and
— Knowledge and technology dissemination
— Access to financial services
— Environmental management (land, water
and climate change)
— Investment in processing and logistics
Vietnam Public Private Task Force
on Sustainable Agriculture
Formed in 2010 and led by the Ministry of
Agriculture and Rural Development, the Task
Force brings together over 40 organizations
and works with five commodity value chains
to improve farmer farmer productivity and
profitability in an environmentally sustainable
Partnership for Indonesia’s
Sustainable Agriculture (PISAgro)
Formed in 2011, PISAgro engages over 30
organizations together with four Government
Ministries to collaborate on 10 value chains,
complemented by an agri-finance group. The
partnership secretariat is a non-profit, selfsustaining entity.
Myanmar Agriculture Network
Initiated in 2013, this network engages over
40 organizations as well as the Ministry of
Agriculture and Irrigation and Ministry of
Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development
to identify common interests and explore
partnership opportunities in the agriculture
Philippines Partnership for
Sustainable Agriculture
Led by the Government of the Philippines and
in collaboration with the private sector and
other stakeholders, a new partnership will be
launched in the Philippines in 2014.
The Grow Asia
Agriculture Forum
Grow Asia Activities
The Grow Asia partnership will convene the
second annual Grow Asia Agriculture Forum
on 21 April 2015 in Nusa Dua, Indonesia.
Leaders from ASEAN governments, global
and local private sector, international
organizations and donor agencies, civil
society, farmer associations and research
institutes will engage in a highly interactive
programme to explore opportunities for
investment and partnership for agricultural
development and food security in ASEAN.
Convene key
and scale
Catalyse new
initiatives and
research and
Develop and
share best
Set targets
and measure
The Grow Asia Agriculture Forum will take
place annually in advance of the annual
World Economic Forum on East Asia.
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