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Tel: 020 8778 9460
email: [email protected]
208 Sydenham Road London. SE26 5SE
Parish Priest: Fr. Peter Mansfield
Deanery website:
Year A; EP 3
30th Sunday - Ordinary Time
26 October 2014
Parish Mass Book … Readings: P146 Mass Prayers P8 .
THIS WEEK 2nd Collection - Parish Development Fund
NEXT WEEK 2nd Collection - Parish Development Fund
Mass Intentions for the coming week
Vigil Mass
Sunday 26th
Deceased members of the Ingram Family
People of the Parish
Margaret Trivett RIP
Coffee in the Hall
after 11am Mass
Monday 27th
Tuesday 28th
Wednesday 29th
Maureen Mitchell RIP
Mr & Mrs. Estelita RIP
Ss. Simon and Jude
The Divine Mercy Devotion
Funeral Mass - Con Roe RIP
Light of Christ Prayer Group with Mass at 8pm in the Hall
Thursday 30th NO MASS here; Mass at the Church of the Resurrection 165 Kirkdale
Friday 31st
Joe Hughes - Birthday
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament until 10.30am
All Saints
Vigil Mass
Sunday 2nd
Kimani Ngugi RIP
People of the Parish
Rosary and Benediction
every Sunday afternoon at 4pm during October.
October is a month traditionally dedicated to the Holy Rosary.
The Legion of Mary meets Sundays in the Hall
after 11am Mass
New members are always welcome.
(Watlington Grove) …
The Prayer group of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Thursdays at 7.00pm in the Church.
All are welcome.
Sky sports, darts, pool table and BIG screen
showing Premiership and GAA games.
Families and new members always welcome.
Club available for all private functions and funeral
Charity Walk.
Thursday night Quiz in aid of St. Christopher’s
Thank you to everyone who took part in the
Parish Charity Walk at Crystal Palace. The
Knights will be outside Mass today to
Sacrament of Reconciliation - Confession
Every Saturday - 7.20pm (after evening
First Saturday of the month at 12..30pm.
The sacrament can also be arranged at other
times by making an appointment with the
Collections last weekend:
Offertory: £953 Standing Orders £272
2nd Collection: Mission Sunday £392
Thank you.
During the month of November there will be
a Remembrance Book placed in the
Lady Chapel of our Church. Throughout
November a Mass will be celebrated every
Sunday and on all Souls Day for all the names
in the book. Please place your list of departed
loved ones in the box provided at the back of
The Funeral Mass for Con Roe RIP will
take place here on Wednesday at 11am..
Please note that there is no 9.30am Mass on
that day.
We remember those who are sick: David Camp, Vince Vella, Mercy Aerifa, Baby Edward Kowal,
Anne Mackie, Trudi Foster, Steven Murray, Victor Walker, Hugh Garvey, Declan Daly, Sonny Caldinez,
Bernard Loughran, Antoni Kowal, Dusty Miller, Patricia Edwards, Susan Perry, Joe Hughes,
Yvonne Knight, Patrick Freeney, Elaine Felix, Edward Garas, Christine Flannagan, Shirley Young,
Ellen & Alexander Sweeney.
Also those housebound or in our Residential Homes: Kathleen Brennan, Muriel Felix, Kathleen Keeffe,
Antoinette Remice, Jan Wilson, Adrienne Hyde, James Fee, Violet Miller, Elizabeth Turner, Ann Sheehan,
Ellen Sweeney, Margie George, Noleen Armstrong, Giovanna Ghezzi, Zeta Ghelfi, Margo Stafford, Vera
Curren, Joseph & Charlotte Hadji, Genevieve Stanislaus, Madeline Edwards,
Winifred Powell & Margaret Rivers.
Please pray for those recently deceased: Con Roe RIP (Funeral Mass Wed 29th 11am)
and for those whose anniversaries occur at this time: Antoine Anthony, Ned Walsh, Mary Hunt, Sheila
Ring, Catherine Donoghue, Gabriel Faluyi and John Cranstaun.
Please pray for…………………………………
who died on ………………….. My Name: …………………. …..
Special Ministers of Holy Communion.
There is a SE Area Retreat Day with
Bishop Pat next Month on Sat 15 Nov.
Starts 11am and ends with Mass at 3pm.
At BTG School.
Belltrees Grove, London SW16 2HY
You can book through Fr. Peter if you want
to go. This day fulfils the commitment to do
an annual Retreat day. It is therefore a good
opportunity for those who could not make
Primary School Open Days.
Our Lady & St. Philip Neri School will be
open to prospective parents every Monday
afternoon and Wednesday morning from
Monday 13th October through
to 12th November.
Of anyone has a spare Flat Screen TV
in working order, with Freeview , to
donate to the Parish House,
The next community bereavement group
meeting will be held on Saturday
8th November at 2pm in the Parish House.
Please contact Geraldine for further
information on 07415593713. Anyone who
is interested in joining, is welcome to come
200 Club: The £75 October prize has been
won by Mrs. Oliver (198). Congratulations.
This is the last draw of the current year so
we will be asking you to renew your
numbers next month.
Car Parking in Church Grounds.
Please be aware that we only have enough space for 3 cars on the tarmac trip in front of the Tower
near the grass area. This area is therefore designated for ‘disabled’, as well as those who have difficulty walking short distances. The first car needs to be parked close to the Tower in order to
leave space for two more. Recently the area in question has been getting congested on some occasions. It would be nice to have a bigger paring area but unfortunately it is not possible.
Generally people who come to do voluntary jobs outside of Mass times are also welcome to use
this area to park their car.
Special Ministers of Holy Communion.
There will be a meeting for existing Special Ministers (who minster at Masses) on Monday 27th October at 8.00pm in Church. This meeting is important as it concerns the
reintroduction of the Chalice on Sundays. The problem that has arisen with spillages will be
addressed. New prospective Ministers are not required to come on this occasion but
existing Ministers are required to be present. New Ministers have separate training dates.
Arrangements for visiting Sr. Bridie.
We have been advised that the best time to visit is between 3.30pm and 5.00pm.
The address is: St. Josephs Convent, Layhams Road, West Wickham. BR4 9QJ.
The Convent is in the same grounds as the Emmaus Retreat Centre and the
Coloma Court Nursing Home but it is separate from these two places. The back of the building faces the
driveway and the front door is around the other side.
People wishing to visit Sr. Bridie should telephone Sr. Mary Goretti on the previous day to make arrange-
Grief to Grace
Healing the Wounds of Abuse
November 3rd- 8th 2014
The Kairos Centre, Roehampton, London, SW15
Facilitated by Dr Theresa Burke, Founder of Rachel’s Vineyard, Grief to Grace is a 5-day psychological
and spiritual programme for anyone who has suffered degradation or violation through physical, emotional,
sexual or spiritual abuse. It is appropriate for those who have endured sexual abuse, rape, incest, or other
forms of traumatic violation in childhood, adolescence or adulthood, including abuse by a member of the
Grief to Grace seeks to express the healing ministry of Jesus Christ by providing behavioural health
services for victims of abuse with professional excellence, Christian integrity and compassion. This unique,
specialist programme provides a process for helping victims of abuse to discover healing and
transformation. Grief to Grace was created to end the isolation and secrets of abuse with a process that is
fully centred on the person of Jesus Christ, the Divine Physician, and His presence in Word and Sacrament. phone: 020 8947 6429 e-mail: [email protected]
FIRST READING A reading from the Book of Exodus.
This reading will come as a breath of fresh air to those who are under the impression that the Law
of Moses by which all Jews before Jesus Christ were to be directed to God was a harsh and
unbending book with little place for charity and plenty of room for overbearing marriage laws,
property laws and severe prescriptions against theft, adultery and covetousness. This reading, also
to be found in parts of Deuteronomy and Leviticus, covers a whole range of what we would call
social justice, and many of our contemporary attitudes come from these prescriptions of the Mosaic
Law. Here follows the reading…
SECOND READING A reading from St. Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians
The greatest form of evangelism is good example, living like Christ. Here St. Paul is commending
his community in Thessalonica for being conspicuous in just that. In our efforts to live like Christ,
He fills us with His Holy Spirit so that our fame as Christians may spread even to our surrounding
neighbours and countries. In our lives we have to become servants of the real living God and by
this we are saved through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from any retribution which might be our
A reading from the Holy Gospel according to Matthew
Last week we had the Herodians trying to catch Jesus out over a question civil authority.
Today it is the Pharisees who taunt him over his opinion of the greatest commandment. As
always, Jesus is ‘spot on’ for all the petty commandments which they were accustomed to
insisting on are completely eclipsed by the one primary commandment of love as
proclaimed at all Jewish meetings of prayer in the Shema: “Hear O Israel, the Lord your
God is one Lord and you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul