Cliptech Electronic Division

Cliptech Electronic Division
Techinvest Group Companies
Techinvest mission is organize and optimize Finance,
Sales, Purchase and IT activities for the group companies
Cliptech belongs to Techinvest Group
Techinvest Head Office
Karimex History and Facilities
 Electronic Components Distributor
 100% brazilian capital
 Founded in 1975
 The biggest one in brazilian market
 New facilities in SC and RS
São Paulo Headquarter
Karimex Main Partners
Visiontec History
 Established in 2001
 100% brazilian capital
Jacareí – SP: Engineering Design, Sales and Antennas factory
 Manaus – AM: Satellite Receivers (Set-top Boxes) factory
 Main products: satellite receivers for television and parabolic
 Employees: 80
Visiontec Plants
Engineering & Sales Plant - Jacareí
Set-top Box Plant - Manaus
Tecplam History
 Established in 1997
 Manaus – AM (Benefits of Brazilian Tax Free Zone)
 Plant: 3.490 m2
 100% brazilian
 Employees: 370
Tecplam Markets, Customers & Products
 Market: Telecommunications
• Customer: Visiontec
• Products: (TV signal receiver Set-Top Box)
 Market: Automotive
• Customers: After Market, Visteon, Pioneer,Ford
• Products: Alarms, Antennas and Electronic Modules
 Market: SMT and PTH Assembly
• Customers: LG, Panasonic
• Products: Audio & Video Devices
 Market: Home Appliance
• Customers: Whirlpool, Midea Carrier, LGE
• Products: Air Conditionar & Micro Ovens Controls
Tecplam Manufacturing Capacity
SMT Assembly – 700K cp/h
PTH Assembly – 150K cp/h
Manual Assembly – 350K products/month
Cliptech in South America
3,5 horas de Vôo
3.971 km
2,5 horas de Vôo
2.291 km
Buenos Aires
Cliptech in São Paulo
Cliptech History
1993 – was founded producing conectores, stamping and plastic injection;
2001 – became part of Techinvest Group
Techinvest Group owned a consolidated factory of electronic products, developing
and manufacturing for automotive industries since 80’s and for home appliances
industries since 90’s.
2002 – started Eletromechanical Relays production for Automotive Industries
2004 – Cliptech Electronic Division started the operations, manufacturing SMT
mobile phones boards for Motorola
2006 – started home appliances boards and products for Whirlpool S.A
2007 – Inaugurated in January the new building of Electronic Division, integrating all
operations of electronic factories. Started meter PCBA production for Yazaki to use
in Toyota Hilux
Cliptech History
2009/2010 – Consolidating as the Biggest and the Best supplier of control
boards for home aplliance in Latin American.
2011/2012 –Started meter PCBA production for Yazaki to use in Toyota Etios,
the Phone Adapters production for LGE and Notebook Adapters for Delta to
use in Lenovo and Sony.
2013 – Started Printer board production for Epson and consolidating as the
Biggest supllier of Phone Adapters for Motorola/Flextronics
2014 – Started Heat Control productio for Tokai Rika to use in Toyota Corolla
and the Refrigerator Boards for Panasonic.
Last five years - Investments about US$ 20 million in machinery and
equipments for production and inspection, so in personnel qualification too.
Reach production and revenue records level.
Lots of Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing Projects and investments in technology.
Cliptech Electromechanical Plant
 Established in 1993 in Itupeva – SP
 Main products: Electromechanical relays, connectors, plastic Injection
and stamping
 Employees: 187
Cliptech Electromechanical Plant
Relays Assembly: 1.500.000/month
Conectors Assembly: 450.000/month
Cliptech Electromechanical Plant
Plastic Injection: 16.000hs/month
Stamping: 4.000hs/month
Cliptech Instalation
 Total Area: 32.000 m2
 Manufaturing Area: 10.000 m2
in two floors
Cliptech Markets and Main Customers
GM, Fiat, Ford, VW
Automotive Tier 1
Yazaki, Tokai Rika, Denso, Continental,
Home Appliance
Whirlpool, Colormaq, Panasonic
Motorola, LG, Flextronics
Delta (Lenovo, Sony, Asus, Dell), Epson,
Cliptech Products – Home Appliance
Wash Machine & Refrigerator
Cliptech Products - Automotive
Heat Control
Alarm Sensors, Relay Module, Meters
Automotive Relays and Sensors
Cliptech Products – Telecom
Cell phone/Smartphone/Tablets Adapters &
Cliptech Products – Computer
Printer Boards
Notebook Adapters
Mother Boards
Cliptech Product Capability
SMT Assembly = 1.000.000 cp/h (3 shifts)
Cliptech Product Capability
PTH Automatic Assembly = 200K cp/h (2 shifts)
Manual Assembly = (2 shifts) actual 2,0M prod/month
Cliptech Main Equipments
 9 SMT Lines
 7 PTH Automatic Insertion Machines
 PTH Cell’s for hand Insertion and final assembly
 7 Wave Soldering Machines (2 using lead free)
 8 Selective Point Soldering Machine
 5 Coating apply machines
 2 Potting Apply Machine System
 7 AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)
 SPI (Solder Paste Inspection)
 Stereo Microscope/ Laser Section
 Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner
 Reflow and Wave Profile Tracker
 X-RAY Inspection Equipment
Cliptech Quality Certifications
 NBR ISO 9001
 ISO 14001
 TS 16949
 SE Whirlpool
 VDA 6.3
 Q1 Ford
 RoHS
Cliptech Kaizen Certification
Cliptech People
 Total number of Employees: 1.030
 Production Employees (operator): 730
 Production Engineers, Technicians, Leaders: 61
 Product, Equipments and Manufacturing Engineering Design: 37
 Quality Products & System: 109
 Logistics & Production Planning: 44
 Maintenance: 28
 Human Resources/Services: 21
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