Would You Like To Save Printing Costs In Your Lexmark Printer?

Would You Like To Save Printing Costs
In Your Lexmark Printer?
Lexmark is one of the leading names to be called out when we talk about
printers. They have a fan following who are extremely loyal to go in any
directing the brand takes them. To be fair to the brand as well, they have
consistently tried hard and continues to do that in order to please the
audiences. The never settle attitude of the brand have really pushed the
boundary one can imagine and therefore, they have brought many new
features and ideas into their product.
Equipped with various interesting features, the only problem with the printer
is its maintenance cost. Technically, this is the problem with any printer of any
brand. Lexmark Technical Support tries to find a solution or a bridge
between costing too high and too cheap. Let’s have a look at how to minimize
the printing cost with different kinds of documents:
Print More Monochrome And Less Colored Printing
As compared to colored prints, black and white documents save a lot of ink.
Filling your cartridge too often with tonner will increase your overall cost, if
you see the hindsight. So, for the document, you don’t exactly need color
prints, turn off and set the monochrome mode by default.
Lower DPI Resolution Printing
Most of the printing machines have default set the range of resolution at 600900 DPI. This prints document in high quality but as the DPI level goes higher,
the amount of ink is consumed more as well. Hence, if you use the DPI at 300
to print documents, this will reduce the cost.
Use Duplex Printing Mode
If you have a printing machine which can avail you the option of printing on
both side of a document, you need to enable that right away. Enable the duplex
mode and print papers on both sides.
Selected Fonts
There are many popular fonts and amongst that you can choose many which
saves ink by 30% and that too quality is kept intact. The fonts which help in
reducing ink usages are Arial, Times Roman, Century Gothic, Calibri and
Verdana. This will not ruin anything but save money for you.
If you don’t have any of the fonts or you are having trouble in your printer, if
your device is consuming way too much, all the concerns can be solved here.
You can take help through online assistance or call us on our Lexmark
Printer Helpline Number +61-283173447. To use these features actively
you have to properly customize the settings accordingly.