steps for unlocking the dell Fn key

I am Alina Thomas
I am here to give presentation on Steps
for Unlocking the Dell Fn Key
There are some hacks down the computer that are
unknown to some. By holding one button with the
function key, you can attempt shortcuts to many
operations. Know how it goes to clear your vision with
the help of these steps.
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Tap the Fn key located beside the Alt button at the bottom of the
Try pressing the key for some time and along with the Number-Lock
button. You will locate this button on the top-right.
If you cannot locate the knobs that we have described above as well as
which you will read below, know them at our Dell Technical
Support where doubts from teeny to husky are solved very easily.
Try out the fn button and press the f3 for bringing the Dell charging
Simultaneously, press down the Fn as well as F10 at the same time for
ejecting the drive of the disk.
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Keep the Fn button hold for some time and press the upward direction
button for raising the brightness of your monitor. In the same way, push
the down key for decreasing the brightness. You may try well how to add
or subtract the bright light coming down from the screen.
Now, if you are looking for the shortcut for adjustment of volume, make
use of page up and down keys for increasing and decreasing the sound
In the seventh step, use your function knob along with the f-2 for putting
the system in off mode. In case you are looking for a hibernation mode,
use it with f-1. This stores your power without actually being active.
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Was this process admissible or the persistence of the issue still
encounters? If the methodologies and instructions made your
query more cluttered, bring them to our toll-free Dell Support
Number 1-800-628-396 and verify how suitable and swift answers
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