How to Connect My Dell Laptop to Wi-Fi

How to Connect My Dell
Laptop to Wi-Fi?
This PPT is about how to connect
a Dell Laptop to wi-fi.
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▪ Open the windows and go to the control panel.
▪ In that window, move to the network and connections link and
then to the sharing.
▪ Hit on the link of managing the wireless setting.
▪ Now, it is very important for all the devices to get removed.
Detach them by clicking with the right side of the mouse.
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▪ In the drop-down options that appear, go to remove network.
▪ Start rebooting the PC after you exit from all the wizards.
▪ If you encounter that the system is ok, begin with scanning for the
Wi-Fi connection.
▪ A set of options will be displayed on your screen, click your
appropriate one and mark the selection of connecting.
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Wait for some time till the dialog box for entering the password
appears down the screen. Enter the passkey and then connect the
same. Congrats! Now you can enjoy the connection and start
browsing. You need to reset and reload your PC again and again
along with the above nine steps for an appropriate network on
the system. It may also be possible that your Wi-Fi card isn’t upto-date. It is the time when you must either ask to repair it or
replace it.
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