PSSS0908WBTS - Dell PartnerDirect

PS Series Product Line Overview
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Online Course
Course Description:
This course provides an overview of the Dell Storage PS Series (formerly Dell EqualLogic brand) and
covers the following elements:
PS Series value proposition
PS Series product line presentation
Competitive positioning
Uncovering opportunities
Course Duration:
Anticipated course completion is 30 minutes.
Who should attend:
This course is targeted towards Dell Channel Partner sales representatives.
Course Objectives:
As a result of taking this course, you will:
Articulate the Dell Storage PS Series value proposition
Describe the PS Series line-up
Compare and contrast the PS Series value proposition with its primary competitors
Engage customers with confidence
What’s New:
The new PS6610 is included in this overview
The focus here is on the value proposition of the solutions more so than technical details
The competitive section takes the “soft push” approach that focuses on “how to win with
Dell” more than on competitor shortcomings
Goal is to prep Sales to focus on the overall value of the PS Series for customers