Acer Support Provides 5 Hacks Against The

 When your charger is plugged in and the icon is
visible, but the charging is decreasing or stable rather
than increasing, what will you do? Stop over thinking
and find out a quick solution before the batteries go
outdated, fully ruptured or any other mishap takes
 Acer Technical Support Provides A Quick Solution
To Laptop Not-Charging Issue
 1. Detach The Battery
 The first task you need to do is to remove the cells
from the laptop and then unplug all other USB
attachments, power cord etc. As you have done that,
press and hold the power button for no more than ten
seconds and then again insert the batteries and
attempt to check the operations.
2. Remove The Driver
 Eliminate the entire attachments inclusive of the
power cord from the system. Next, take out the battery
from the back. Connect the cable to ensure if the
battery is completely removed. Turn on and boot it. If
it doesn’t start, there is some problem with the cord
and you might need to replace it. Uninstall the ac
adapter and then scan for the hardware changes.
Switch it off and reinsert the power-cell to check if the
method worked well.
 3. Update The Charging Driver
 For the first step, open the run dialog box and insert
devmgmt.msc for launching the device manager.
Expand the battery and right click on the compliant
control method for updating the driver. Choose to
browse the computer for driver software. Choose for
let’s pick up a list of device driver on the computer and
choose to next. Move for the recent driver and
continue with the same following the MS AC adapter.
Now, examine if the changes took place correctly.
 4. Reboot The BIOS Configured To Default
 Switch off the device and open by pressing the F2,
delete or the F12 key to insert in the setup of BIOS.
Find out the option to reset for loading a default
configuration. Clear the BIOS settings, load the setup
or something related to this. Now, log in to the
Windows for inspecting the alterations.
 5. Run Ccleaner
 Download CCleaner and malware bytes and run them. If
any error occurred, this application will by default remove
it. Scan for the issues and choose to fix the selected
problems. As you are asked do you want backup changes?
Press yes and go to fix all chosen issues.
 Before the problem molds to a bigger shape, ask our
technical experts who are experienced more than a decade
in the same profession. Your issues will surely find a way if
tackled in the most suitable manner, so reach us at Acer
Tech Support Number +1778-806-1736 where we aim at
the welfare and satisfaction of the customers at negligible
rates. What are you waiting for? Grab the chair and have
the best service worldwide.
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