How To Deal With The Communication Issues With-converted

The communication issue results from a
compatibility problem of an outdated printer, a
poor connection or the PC components. You
may now identify the situation with the steps
to troubleshoot and resolve the issue on its
• Printer not found
In case the printer is connected to your Dell
with the help of USB cable, ensure you use a
2.0 USB cable as some printers won’t be
recognized in case you use a lower-speed USB
cable. If there is a lot of USB device attached to
the PC, there may not be any power left for the
USB for recognizing the machine connected.
Disconnect the other devices connected to your
Dell and reboot your PC to check if the error is
resolved. Regardless of what cable you are
using, ensure that it is firmly connected to both
the printer and the laptop; else the printing
won’t be recognized.
• Recognized but not working
If you recently installed a Dell system not working or
suddenly stopped, try uninstalling it and reinstalling it
to check if there is an issue which is promoting the tech
device to operate perfectly. In case that doesn’t work
well, ensure that the manufacturer’s website or contact
the support service to look if an updated driver is
available. At times the updates cause the OS and
machinery to stop communicating. The manufacturers
regularly update drivers to address the known
operational issues as an outcome for Operating System
updates, among others.
• Long time to print
It may take longer than you would like for the
printer to print because the computer meets the
minimum requirements or at times it doesn’t.
This can be a result for less than recommended
RAM, a slower than recommended processor or
a very little available space for the hard drive.
Besides, this issue generates when you assign to
print the data at a very high dots per inch
setting. You may try to reduce the DPI to check
if it helps.
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