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Human Nutrition Market 2019- 2025
The Global “Human Nutrition Market” study presents historical
market data in terms of values (2017 and 2018), estimated current
data (2019), and forecasts for 2025
According to a new market research report “Human Nutrition Market by Type
(Vitamin, Probiotics, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fatty Acid, Minerals), Age
(Adult, Childhood), Population (Pediatric, Geriatric, Maternal), and
Application (Dietary Supplement, Functional Nutrients)- Global Forecast to
2025”, published by Meticulous Research®, the global human nutrition market
will grow at a CAGR of 6.6% from 2019 to reach $465.4 billion by 2025.
The growing health consciousness and rise in incidence of chronic diseases
across the globe are contributing to the increasing consumer interest in
nutrition. The growing promotional campaigns of healthy diet and lifestyle and
prevalence of various diseases due to unhealthy diet is driving the overall
human nutrition market. There is dramatic change in food pattern in the past
decade where food with high salt, sugar, trans fat, and calories have become
cheaper and widely available, leading to their increased consumption and
thereby the prevalence of non-communicable diseases in human. The
knowledge edification of the current peer group to prevent the diseases by
avoiding nutrition deficiencies is further expected to push the demand for the
human nutrition products.
The global human nutrition market study presents historical market data in
terms of values (2017 and 2018), estimated current data (2019), and forecasts for
2025- by product type (vitamins, probiotics, proteins & amino acids,
carbohydrates, fats & fatty acids, minerals), age group (childhood-adolescence,
adult & parenthoods, seniors), population (pediatric population, geriatric
population, maternal population, athletes population), and application (dietary
supplements, functional nutrients, medical nutrition, infant nutrition, food &
Based on product type, vitamins segment is estimated to hold the largest share
of the overall human nutrition market in 2019. The large share of this market is
mainly attributed to rising prevalence of vitamin deficiencies; huge demand of
vitamin fortified food; growing health and wellness trends and awareness
about preventive healthcare among consumers; and steady rise in the geriatric
population in the developed economies (U.S., Europe, and Japan). The growth
of this segment can be attributed to growing awareness about the role of fatty
acids in determining health and nutritional well-being; technological
advancements, such as microencapsulation; and growing demand from infant
formula, dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, and clinical nutrition sectors.
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Human Nutrition Market 2019- 2025
Based on population group, pediatric population segment is expected to
command the largest share of the overall human nutrition market in 2019. The
large share of this segment is mainly attributed to the increasing awareness of
rare disease conditions in children. However, athlete population segment is
expected to witness a rapid growth during the forecast period, owing to
growing fitness culture, growing promotion of supplements by celebrities and
social media channels, and continuous launch of new sport supplement
Based on application, dietary supplements segment is expected to command
the largest share of the overall human nutrition market in 2019. However, the
infant nutrition segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the
forecast period, owing to rising disposable income of individuals, increasing
health concerns among users regarding the development of babies, and
growing population of working mothers.
Browse key industry insights spread across 384 pages with 433 market data
tables & 74 figures & charts from the report:
Geographically, North America is estimated to command the largest share of
the global human nutrition market in 2019. However, Asia-Pacific region is
expected to witness the rapid growth during the forecast period. The growth in
this region is mainly attributed to increasing prevalence of chronic diseases;
rapidly growing population and urbanization; rising disposable income and
improving standard of living; growing focus towards inclusion of healthy diet;
and increasing awareness about the health benefits of nutritional supplements.
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Human Nutrition Market 2019- 2025
The report also includes extensive assessment of the key strategic
developments adopted by the leading market participants in the industry over
the past 4 years (2016–2019). The human nutrition market has witnessed
number of new product launches; expansions; agreements, partnerships &
collaborations; and acquisitions in the recent years. For instance, in December
2018, Nestle Health Science and ChromaDex Corp. entered into a license and
supply agreement. The agreement provides NHSc the exclusive right to include
CDXC’s patented nicotinamide riboside ingredient TRU NIAGEN in NHSc
branded medical nutrition and co-exclusive rights to include TRU NIAGEN in
certain products within the consumer health category.
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Some of the key players operating in the global human nutrition market are
BASF SE (Germany), Abbott Laboratories (U.S.), Koninklijke DSM N.V. (The
Netherlands), DuPont de Nemours, Inc. (U.S.), Chr. Hansen Holding A/S
(Denmark), USANA Health Science, Inc. (U.S.), Pharmavite LLC. (U.S.), Nestle
S.A. (Switzerland), Kerry Group PLC (Ireland), Glanbia PLC. (Ireland), Corbion
N.V. (The Netherlands), ADM (U.S.), Bayer Health Care AG (Germany),
Amway Corp.(U.S.), and Matsun Nutrition (U.S.) among others.
Scope of the Human Nutrition Market Research Report:
Human Nutrition Market by Type
Proteins & Amino Acids
Fats & Fatty Acids
Human Nutrition Market by Age Group
• Childhood-Adolescence
• Adults & Parenthoods
• Seniors
Human Nutrition Market by Population
• Paediatric Population
• Geriatric Population
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Human Nutrition Market 2019- 2025
• Maternal Population
• Athletes Population
Human Nutrition Market by Application
Dietary Supplements
Functional Nutrients
Medical Nutrition
Infant Nutrition
Food and Beverages ……
Market Dynamics
Market Share Analysis
Research Methodology
• Research Process
1. Secondary Research
2. Primary Research
3. Market Size Estimation
…. Continue
Key questions answered in the report:
🔹The North American human nutrition market favors both larger and local
manufacturers that compete in multiple segments
Who are the top competitors in this market and what strategies do they employ
to gain shares?
What is driving growth and which market segments have the most potential
for revenue expansion over the forecast period?
What strategies should new companies look to enter this market use to compete
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Human Nutrition Market 2019- 2025
What are the major drivers, restraints, and opportunities in the global human
nutrition market?
Who are the major players in various countries and what share of the market
do they hold?
What are the geographical trends and high growth regions/ countries?
🔹 Recent new product launches; partnerships, collaborations, and agreements;
acquisitions & mergers; and expansions have taken place in the human
nutrition market
What companies have recently merged/acquired in various countries across
the globe and how will these unions affect the competitive landscape of the
human nutrition market?
Which companies have created partnerships and how will these partnerships
promote a competitive advantage?
Who are the major players in the global human nutrition market and what share
of the market do they hold?
Who are the local emerging players in the human nutrition market and how do
they compete with the global players?
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Human Nutrition Market 2019- 2025
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