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Dear Parents,
Last night our Year Six students and their parents participated in a workshop evening in preparation for
the Sacrament of Confirmation. At the workshop, participants reflected on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit,
how we see them in action through certain people we admire and how we can develop and use them in
our own lives.
Parents were asked to identify one of the gifts they could already see developing in their children. The
children in turn named a gift they recognized in their parents.
When you really look at the GIFT PACKAGE which is conferred at CONFIRMATION –
you realize it is a comprehensive and powerful toolkit to successfully face so many of
life’s challenges while retaining a sense of wonder and amazement at the world and all
of God’s creation. The fantastic gift package includes:
Confirmation reminds us – that the gifts are there for us to use. How we employ them
in our own words and actions is our gift to others. We allow the Holy Spirit to work
through us – particularly when we consciously name these gifts, ask for them in prayer and put them
into action.
As parents, some of the hardest decisions we have to make in bringing up children require large doses
of Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Right Judgment and Courage.
This is especially true when we are torn between wanting our children to feel happy and safe – but also
want them to learn important values and life lessons – and these can bring risk, conflict, consequences,
disappointment and sadness.
As you tread the fine line of parenting draw on all your resources. This week I remind you of the
fantastic gift package available through prayer – and the ever practical, sound advice offered in Michael
Grose’s parenting column. This week Michael writes on the subject of avoiding mistakes when
disciplining your child. I hope you find the reflection through prayer and the article both helpful.
Yours Sincerely,
Monica Coyle
OUR LADY OF FATIMA - NEWSLETTER - Term 3, Week 5 14/08/2014
Up coming dates (new events listed)
We have four exciting whole school events coming up in the next few weeks. They are:
Book Week Dress Up Day –
Thursday 21st August
Father’s Day Breakfast -
Friday 5th September
Footy Day wear your team colours -Tuesday 16th September
Other special events for selected year levels include:
in the hall every Monday
morning at 9:00am
All Welcome
Confirmation Presentation Masses – Sat 16th at 5.30pm and Sun 17th August at 9.30am
The Lions Club Quiz for our Year 6 Team at Rosebud Primary 7.00pm on Thursday 21 st August
Year 6 Testing Day for those attending Padua in 2015 - Wednesday 3rd September
The District Athletics on 10th September for those who are selected following our sports day.
The Sacrament of Confirmation at 7.00pm in the Church on September 12 for Year Six
The year 3/4 Camp to The Briars Mt Martha from Wed 17th to Friday 19th September
Thanks to all parents who have completed the paper surveys or the online version since the envelopes
were issued to selected classes last week. We have been fortunate to secure an additional online
allocation and will send these envelopes with access details home this week to the families who missed
out on the first round. We really appreciate your time in completing the surveys. The strengths
identified are affirming for staff and the directions we are taking. Any deficits identified will be taken into
account for future planning.
Some of the practices we have introduced in response to your feedback in recent years include:
Introducing regular Monday morning assemblies, regular class emails to improve communication to
parents, more extensive lunchtime activities programs providing greater choice for student play, both
gates open at home time to improve access to the car park and the principal/deputy farewells on the
gates each afternoon.
Please be aware of the following notice sent through by the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria
regarding data collection:
This notice is from the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), to advise
you that ACARA has requested your child's school to provide ACARA with information about you and
your child. Your school may disclose to ACARA information such as your child's gender, date of birth,
country of birth, background language, residential address, parental occupation and parental education.
This information is disclosed to ACARA under the ACARA Act 2008 for one or both of the following purposes:
• formulating national reports consisting of aggregated data on school performance; and
• assisting government to formulate policies in relation to education matters.
ACARA will not disclose this personal information to any third party. If you do not want your school to
provide this information to ACARA, please advise your school within seven (7) days of receiving this
Further information about ACARA can be obtained from the ACARA website at www.acara.edu.au.
Dream, Believe, Achieve
Next Monday 18th August the Preps along with some Year 5 students will be sharing with us one of the Short
Listed Books ‘I’m a Dirty Dinosaur’. We will have a quick review of all the picture story books in preparation for our
‘vote for your favourite book’ activity. This will kick off our book week celebrations in style. The Year 3 Recorder
class will also perform at this assembly.
The class awards will be held over until our parade day on Thursday. All are welcome to join us for the parade
which will be held at 9.15 outside the hall if the weather is fine – inside if it is wet.
Thanks to our Year 5 students and Miss Parker for sharing their Sovereign Hill experience via a very entertaining
and informative movie at last week’s assembly. Well done also to Nirmal who performed on the piano. Other
students to perform in recent weeks include: Christian and Joel singing and guitar, Ben D on piano, Lizzie singing,
Charlotte and Jasmine on guitar from Year 6. The girls—Zara, Emma, Kaysie, Scarlett and Willow on guitar from
year 4, Kevin on piano and Cohan on guitar from year 3, Annamaria on piano from Prep. It is great to see these
students sharing their skills and talents with
Natalie Furlong needs Fatima Basketball
Two more players are needed to make
up a team for the Under 9s. If you are
interested please call Rachael Kerr on 0400 489 027.
uniforms for a new Prep/Grade 1 team. If
you have a uniform that you would like to
donate or sell, please contact Nat on
0417 365 570
This year we are conducting a number of activities to celebrate book week. This has included a visit from Rosebud
Library staff on August 5th. Our aim is to have all children become members of the library by the end of August.
There will be a classroom focus on all the Short Listed Children’s Picture Story Books, a book fair in the library and
a special day on August 21st, where children will come dressed as a character from a book, we will hold a parade,
host mixed age house team activities and a book week quiz. It promises to be a lot of fun. Di is also asking for
parent support for the Book Fair to be held from 18th – 22nd August.
Our Year 6 team will compete in the Lions Club Quiz on the evening of Thursday 21 st August at the Rosebud
Primary School Hall commencing at 6:30pm. The Year Six students who are representing our school are Patrick
Pollard, Charlie Slater, Nirmal Vijay and the emergency is Jade Smith. We wish them all the best. Everyone is
welcome to go along and spectate. I'm sure the students would appreciate your support.
We wish to thank Rob Osorio from Sayvon Trees for looking after the trees in our playground
following last week’s wild weather. If you need any tree services please contact Rob on 0417 102 166.
Mary’s Van is serving free meals every Wednesday evening at the Rotary Park, Rosebud, to people
who are finding it difficult to cope with everyday living. We are in need of more volunteers. Please
contact Kristina on 5986 3432 if you are able to help—even if only once a month would be a big
help. You can also talk to Ron and Colleen at the piety stall.
Can be made at any time. These are the payment
At the school office by Eftpos, Credit Card,
Cheque or Cash.
Credit Card payments over the phone.
Direct Debit payments either via your bank
account or through Centre Link.
Direct Credit payments via
internet online banking.
The school bank account details are;
BSB: 083 347
Account No: 64160 5720
Bank: NAB
Account name: Our Lady of Fatima
Please use your child’s full name as a reference.
Term 3 School fees are now overdue
OUR LADY OF FATIMA - NEWSLETTER - Term 3, Week 5 14/08/2014
Dream, Believe, Achieve