2015 IndiZen - Kaizen Institute

 IndiZEN 2015 – 6th National Convention on Operational Excellence IndiZEN has become one of India’s most important annual gatherings of professionals and experts in the Operational Excellence/Lean/KAIZEN® domain. The objective of the event is to provide you with the opportunity to learn, network, celebrate and share the work done by your organization in the domain of Operational Excellence/Lean/KAIZEN®. This event offers inspiring keynote speakers, and face to face Q&As with India’s leading Operational Excellence experts. Workshops and tours offered at this two day event are: 1. Knowledge and Learning sessions. 2. Excellence Inside Tours (visiting world class facilities/factories as Seeing is Believing!). 3. National Operational Excellence Case Study Competition. This national convention will provide you with everything you need to be more focused, energized and successful in the domain of Operational Excellence. The IndiZEN event can be a game changer. You will have the opportunity to learn more about Operational Excellence, what others are doing in your industry, and how they are reaping the benefits of Operational Excellence, and you will also have the valuable opportunity to network with like-­‐minded people and share your success and work you have done. Are you prepared to get the most out of your experience? Join us 17-­‐18 of February 2015 in Pune, India for one of the biggest national convention on Operational Excellence of the year. Kaizen Institute Consulting Group, Ltd. HQ Global Operations -­‐ Zug, Switzerland Email: [email protected] IndiZen 2014