AAS US March Newsletter - Aquinas American School

From the US Principal's Desk
March 2015
Aquinas American School
Book Fair
There is no better way to
improve English language
skills than by reading (a lot).
Many of you (middle school
students) have already had the
opportunity to order scholastic
books for your required, daily
reading. This year, on April 20,
we will have a scholastic book
fair where books will be
brought to you (to purchase).
More information to come.
Drama Club
Middle and Upper School is Improving!
A tentative date has been set
for our second, annual drama
club performance. On Friday,
June 5, our middle school
drama club students, led by
Ms. Arnold, will put on their
version of Annie. They have
been working very hard. So
please be sure to show your
support. Tickets will be
available for advanced
purchase soon.
Dear Parents,
In my last newsletter, I congratulated 18 students for academic
and behavioral excellence. On Tuesday, April 24, 2015, I had my
quarterly assembly of excellence where these students were
publicly acknowledged and given an excellence award.
I mentioned to the students the following statistics, which I
would like would like to share with you now. Last year, at this
time, there were only 6 students who made the honor roll and
principal's list for academic excellence; this year, there are 22!
Last year, at this time, there were only 11 students, who made the
Family Field Trip
On Sunday, April 26, we will
have our family field trip to the
Sonsoles chapel near Avila.
More information to come.
All men by nature desire to learn.
From the US Principal's Desk
March 2015
behavioral excellence list for not receiving any behavioral
infractions; this year, there are 41! And last year, at this time,
there were only 3 students who made the excellence list for both
academics and behavior; this year, there are 18!
If you ask me, I think that's pretty impressive. Numbers don't lie.
Our Middle and Upper School students are really improving both
academically and behaviorally. We still have a long way to go, but
we will get there soon. Thank you for continuos support!
High School Online
Many of our high school students
have started their online elective
course. There have been some
technical issues that I'm working
on, but I believe, for the most
part, things are working well.
It is very important that you
encourage your child to work on
his or her course frequently. If
they are having any problems,
they can come to me, or email
their academic coach, Rachel
Virtue formation
In addition to our academic and behavioral work with students,
as I've mentioned, this year, I have been much more explicit with
their virtue formation. Last month, the virtue of the month was
responsibility. Sixteen students were publicly recognized by their
teachers for being "responsible students." The virtue for this
month is courage or fortitude (both physical and moral). Several
students have already been recognized. I highly encourage you to
discuss this virtue with your child and point out, whenever
possible, examples of courage.
Students must complete the
course by the end of the school
year in order to pass and receive
Progress Reports
Progress reports for middle and
high school students with D's
and/or F's went out Monday, May
Ski Trip and Break
Our middle school students will
go on a ski trip on Thursday,
March 26. No school for students
who do not go. Easter break
3/27-4/6. No school 3/19 and
All men by nature desire to learn.